Rituals Under a Fig Tree Candle

For long Summer evenings, when you're throwing a scrumptious barbecue feast in the garden or simply want to unwind, relax and have some me-time on a rocking chair, this baby is all the doses of comforting cosiness you need in this world.  I know Summer's all about about fresh, zesty, citrusy scents but sometimes fresh linen scents just don't cut it for me. I personally relate scents candles to Autumn/Winter and to Autumn/Winter, I relate warm, fuzzy scents and this is just that. Having said that, it's not heady, overpowering or Christmas-y in any way possible. It's still fresh and sweet to keep the feeling of Summer alive. I am a sucker for anything fig scented or flavoured and feel  love with it at first sniff! From then, it's quickly creeped up to becoming my favourite thing to light in these breezy evenings. It's one of those candles that feels at home in the living room, something that everyone in the family needs to get a sniff off. Rituals have always impressed with me with their spa inspired scents and this is no exception. If you're on the hunt for a luxe candle for half the price of the designer ones, check this out for sure. 


NYX Fly With Me Mascara

First things first, if you like volume and thick lashes, then this is not your cup of tea. It's not mine too but I had write about it as from experience, I know of a minority of the population that would quite like this baby. So, I have no complaints with the bulbous wand wand or it's super flexible approach but I find the consistency of the mascara, rather too odd for my liking. It dries too quickly so second coat's out of question and secondly, it will only satisfy your cravings for slightly tinted, naturally long lashes. 

It provides absolutely no volume whatsoever so I seem to find to find it a little too 'chic' for my liking. Although my eye shadow seems to pop out more and my eyes look like those of supermodels when they are attempted a bare lash look on - I can't seem to compromise on volume. But for those of you who despise the faux lash effect with mascaras and want a clean, neat effect when it comes to lashes, a bare minimum, almost natural looking result, then this is just for you. 

Apparently there's a bunch of ladies out there who don't want others to know they are wearing Mascara. For me, I am okay with people knowing that I have painted my face. I take pride in it, it's a skill not everyone has. But if you really want to push the 'au naturale' makeup limits, then this would make the perfect product to pair with a barely there CC cream and a hint of lip tint. #nomakeupselfie, tick. 



Summer Wedding Accessories Edit

Lets leave the brides and bridesmaids out of this shall we and lets focus on guests as that's what most of us have the possibility of being at a wedding this Spring/Summer. Wooly coats, cosy hats and furry accessories no more can cut the mustard come warmer months. 

Accessories will have to be fresh, modern and apt for the new season. Summer wedding accessories should compliment the sunny weather and not look last season, that's the rule of the thumb. 

Head Gear. From chain hair crowns, pale gold chain hair combs, bow hair clips, oversized flower clips, feathered head bands to floral hair crowns, there is nothing too 'festival like' when it comes to hair accessories for summer weddings. Everything works in symmetry with pale pastel outfits and peep toes. You can still opt for something more formal and traditional like a veil headpiece, as long as it's simple and chic and made of a light, airy fabric. The key is to incorporate something floral and vibrant in your tresses to give it a boho chic kind of feel. 

Phone cases. Albeit the most ignored when it comes to Summer weddings, your phone's get much more visual coverage in a crowd compared to your stilettos for instance. Hence making them the perfect accessory to make a style statement. Skip all jewellery and go all out with a fully bejewelled, 3D rhinestone encrusted phone case for a modern, youthful look. For a more conservative look, opt for a chic phone case in a soft pastel shade with a slim gold rim and a sprinkle of shimmer. 

Sun glasses. How can we forget the oh-so-glamorous sunnies! As most Summer weddings are outdoors, the beautiful weather is the perfect occasion to pop out those sun glasses and pretend to be a diva, even if it's for the ceremony. Reflecting mirrored lenses and rounded frames with baroque swirls are not only limited to celebrities and the runway as every fashion blogger is donning them these days. Ditch the safe option and opt for sunnies that are pastel coloured, mirrored and in quirky shapes or co-ordinate them with your outfit. It's the perfect way to add a bit of an edge to an all-safe and structured wedding apparel. 

Handbags. Be it clutches or a traditional leather handbag, you can still have fun with these and look elegant at a Summer wedding. How about a lip shaped, pastel pink glossy clutch paired an all white matte outfit? Or an undersized leather handbag in duck egg blue or pistachio green with a flowy chiffon outfit and a gilet? Whatever you choose, coloured handbags are more suited for Summer weddings. Keep them structured but in a soft candy colour to balance it out.