Clinique Cheek Pop Blush

The latest cheek offering by Clinique, these Pop Blushes define Spring like no other. I'm not swatching them for a reason. First, there are tonnes of betters swatches out there, from the ones who actually specialise in that sort of a thing. Second, the formula is one of those subtle ones which looks great on the cheeks but rubbish on the back of the hand, yes that. 

I have two shades with me and both of them are equally gorgeous. I have the shades 'plump pop' and 'berry pop'. One is more blue toned and one is warm toned, with hints of peach shot through it. If you find it difficult to wear corals due to a pale yellow complexion, try this shade and it will make you change your mind.

The container is a clear one which gives it a clean, crisp look for the warmer months. Makes it look modern and more geared towards a younger population. The finish of these is satin like, with a hint of iridescent sheen shot through it. Regarding application, it spreads on skin like a hybrid between a powder and cream blusher. 

I still haven't figured out it's consistency exactly! Having said that, the buttery texture makes it super easy to slap on with fingers or absolutely any makeup brush from your collection. I prefer to use a fan brush with this surprisingly. Just an application intuition and it works wonders. The pigment of these blushes is almost translucent where you can still see skin from within. Looks more like a natural flush and I'm not complaining.

With the shades of these being so fresh and vibrant, it only makes sense to apply these more towards the apple of the cheeks rather than do a sculpted look. For £16 a pop, these are must-haves for Spring/Summer, especially if your Winter blushes are starting to appear a little full-on, cakey and matte on top of that sheer BB base. Not a good look eh?



KIKO Rock Idol Lipstick

If you like sheer lipsticks with a satin like matte finish then this one by KIKO will be right up your street. It's got a lovely velvety texture and while it's not the best for chapped, often ignored lips - it's quite a lovely one to wear after a good slapping of 8 hour cream on the lips at night. 

Not the most long lasting of formulas especially if you're a regular coffee/tea drinker like myself, nonetheless it leaves a gorgeous hint of pigmented stain that works at giving that pop of colour on the lips mid-day.  Just the time when you want to avoid looking corspe-like. I know that's the time I usually start looking, well...yellowish you see. Think Simpsons! This particular shade is a peachy one with a milky neon, almost pastel like hint to it. Perfect for Spring/Summer and more importantly to pair with a gorgeous tan. 

The crayon is particularly thin this time compared to your usual chubby crayons that can be difficult to manoeuvre and line the lips. This is somewhere in between a kajal pencil and a chubby stick making it a perfect product to apply precisely for an evening out or perhaps even cheat a fuller lip shape Lisa Eldridge style. It's not as intimidating as a full on orange lipstick and quite easy to touch up in case of smudging emergencies really. 

Priced at £7.90, it's not something I can fault. If you're over glossy lip stains and are looking for a matte lip offering that isn't as scary as the regular lipstick, then this is worth a try. 



Organic Surge Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser

Hot Cloth Cleansers never really lost their charm did they? Cleansers in general never will. I find myself coming back to the hot cloth formula ever so often. They are just so effective and unbeatable in the results they deliver. Quite a few brands do them now and I can see them sharing similar ingredients that are foolproof but the latest one that's doing the blogosphere rounds and has impressed me is by Organic Surge. Containing Orange and Geranium Oils, it smells delish and the added shea butter makes the creamy concoction a dream to apply. 

It's not grainy at all like it's counterparts but simply buttery and creamy. I apply it in circular motions to get my make-up off and then use it for a second time for a proper cleanse with a muslin cloth. Besides leaving skin fabulously clean - cutting through layers of waterproof mascaras and coats of adhesive like foundation formulas, it also leaves skin nicely nourished and hydrated. So no more running to slap on face cream straight after. I have combination-oily skin and it's worked really well for my skin and I believe this is a versatile product that should work wonders on all skin types really. Priced reasonably, I cannot see why this shouldn't be on your cleansers-to-try wishlist. I know bloggers have one so don't you pretend as if you don't! Pop it on there right now. Must-have.