Derma Roller - A Hair Loss Cure?

Hair loss can be a worrying issue for many - men and women alike - and seeing that millions are affected by hair loss, hair thinning, bald patches, receding hair line and Alopecia globally, it's always great to come across something that promises a cure. Derma Roller is one of them. 

The simple handheld device uses techniques similar to acupuncture to enhance skin's natural healing abilities. The rolling motion of the needles in the Derma Roller promote greater blood flow to the surface of the scalp. This in turn boosts the flow of nutrients to the hair follicles which has a direct effect on hair growth. 

Apparently, even collagen and elastin production in the scalp area is given a kick start, leading to the appearance of fresh new skin. All those miracle hair growth products that we invest in also tend to work better with derma roller as it increases absorption rate, giving you better value for money when it comes to hair growth serums. 

People who have tried Derma Roller, 2.0mm needle size or under with topical hair growth products have witness stabilised Alopecia over a period of time. A little research online will illustrate how some hair loss sufferers like to cause some bleeding on the forehead to see dramatic results but I wouldn't suggest that in any way. 

More frequent derma roller sessions, with a moderate needle size and bearable pressure is more than enough to show hair growth on bald patches over a period of weeks. Like anything else, consistency is the key and not giving up is essential. Derma Roller sessions can be carried out at a professional clinic but for at-home use, needle size of 2.0mm and below is FDA approved. 

Have you tried Derma Roller for hair loss? Would love to know your thoughts! 

Odylique Superfruit - For Extremely Dry Skin!

I'm a little sceptical when it comes to trying out face oils. Although I like their texture and consistency to bits my skin usually doesn't agree with me on that and displays it's anger via pesky little clusters of white heads the next morning. Thankfully, my skin isn't quite the types that bursts into angry red spots, so white heads are easy to deal with really. Coming back to this face serum, first of it's tinted believe it or not. May be it's due to the ingredients stuffed in but it leaves a golden glow, a slight tan on the face which although not extremely visible is surely not something I am only imagining. 

So me and my mum tried it out and it broke us out into tiny white heads the next morning, meaning it may just be a little too rich for our skin types which are oily-combination and normal-dry. We passed it on to the sister who at that time was struggling with her skin as it was literally falling apart. Extremely chapped and flaky with bouts of sensitivity which not even a generous layer of Vaseline or 8 hour cream could mend. Surprisingly enough, this came to her rescue. It not only calmed down the sensitivity but also got rid of chapped, flaky skin overnight and kept it like that with continous use. Also, it doesn't break her out at all and she has dry-sensitive skin.

It's 100% natural apparently made from fruit oils and works intensively at skin cell regeneration which may explain why it helped mend chapped, flaky skin. As new skin cells are produced, the upper layer of crusty, dead skin is sloughed off and a fresh layer is revealed. So although we are nearing towards the warmer months, if your skin needs a quick and intensive moisture boost or some help in the non abrasive exfoliation department, then this is your rescue remedy. 

Oh if you also like to use stuff like Pixi Glow Tonic and Alpha H Liquid Gold, this would fit in seamlessly in your radiant skin quest.


Argan 5 + Skin Renewal Body Scrub

First off, I love this brand. It's called Argan + I believe and their products are absolutely fantastic for the skin. They are packaged nicely in a brown and blue tube and work so well each time. This time, I'm raving about their Skin Renewal Body Scrub. 

Now that Spring's officially here and the weather's allowing us to flaunt some skin, I am really depending on this to make my skin look well...not so dull you see. Coat laden, winter months have led me to ignore all the buffing and polishing when it comes to arms and legs but I'm glad this product has got me back to my body scrubbing ritual that I once loved. 

Sometimes you just need an exciting product to rekindle your love for a beauty regime don't you? I'm glad this has done the trick for me. 

Yes it contains the infamous crushed olive stones and pumice but to make up for the slightly abrasive action is what follows. A boost of hydration by a mix of five nourishing oils, Argan being one of them. It works so well for my arms which are slightly prone to hyperpigmentation or maybe that's just a build up of dead skin cells. 

Smells delish, is a hard worker and housed in a scrumptious looking glossy tube, it's something you'd love to have living permanently in the shower.



Kiehl's Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream

You know when anti-ageing moisturisers are only designed for dehydrated, extremely dry skin - it irritates me. It's absolutely ridiculous to assume that as we grow older, fine lines and wrinkles will only accompanied with dry, moisture-free skin. How about taking into consideration those with oily-combination skin who will also be prone to old age you see? 

Hence when I came across Kiehl's newest launch that promised to shrink pores and work just as well on oily-combination skin, I was impressed. If you're naturally a grease ball like me just a few minutes after cleansing, then the last thing you want is to slap on an oil slick moisturiser. Thankfully, this does it's anti-ageing jazz whilst keeping skin nice and moist but not overtly oily. 

Give it a few minutes and there's no unwanted shine on the face at all, just a nice velvety smoothness. Now I have only used it for a few weeks to see any dramatic age zapping benefits but so far, it has done a good job at softening the crows feet and fine lines I have around the eye area. It leaves skin toned and firm and if you're older, I can definitely see it helping to tighten those saggy contours. 

Personally, due to it's fast absorbing texture, it's great to use before make-up application but if you really want to see results, I'd suggest reserving it as a night time treatment. 

I've seen this being promoted from every beauty box subscription to shopping mall billboards, so if you have managed to escape it's hype, here's me telling you that you needn't because it's quite fabulous. Give it a whirl and if you've missed that Mother's Day present, this wouldn't break the bank at £32. Wrap it up nicely will ya?


Holiday Fashion Accessories - The Essential Edit

It's that time of year when millions are looking forward to their summer holidays and the chance to let their hair down and have fun in the sun. Pulling the important bits together takes no time; passport, flight and accommodation vouchers etc. it's what is going the case that takes the time. There are 5 basic fashion staples which have to be taken on holiday and those who want to arrive at their destination packing the very latest trends here are our tips for getting it right this summer.


The retro appeal of the Instagram shades, inspired by the social media site, are this years must have eye wear for the sun. Tinted lenses to give the wearer a pink, gold or any other coloured view of the world are the way to go this summer. Forget plain black or mirrors, they are so last year dahling.

Hand Bags

There are two leather handbag styles currently trending which are said to be a must when going on holiday in 2014; the tote and the messenger. The tote is a long term favourite whose capacious interior and classy exterior lends itself to any summer occasion, be it shopping or a day at the beach or a fashionable night out exploring the city's night life. The messenger leather handbag has come back in thanks to the ever increasing popularity in man bags and undersized handbags. They are also a lot safer and convenient for carrying your possessions around in when in busy markets etc in foreign countries where pick pocketing is rife. Nonetheless, you don't need to compromise 


After last years penchant for the shortest shorts you could find, the surprise this year is that we are welcoming back the Bermuda's. Now those who have never stopped wearing these longer, baggy shorts
will be delighted they have stuck with them long enough for them to come right back in vogue. They are undoubtedly comfortable and the shops are full of such a great choice of colours and designs you will find a pair or two that you fall in love with.

Flip flops

Ahh the humble flip flop, where would we be without them? In fairness there is little can be done to change the basic silhouette of a flip flop but if you are wanting to show your tanned tootsies off in the very latest style then you want a pair with a thick sole and lots of spots. White spots on a dark coloured background across the sole with the strap matching the main colour are these years big flip flop trend. Granted you don't see many of the spots when your foot is in them but think how cute they look beside you when you are lying by the pool or on the beach. Bejewelled flip flops are also huge this year thanks to the sports luxe trend. 

Jackets/cover ups

If you are worrying what to take along as a light jacket or cover up then don't, the word is you can't go wrong this year, unless you turn up on the beach wearing a parka of course. Light, crinkle cotton tops are still popular, as is the leather pastel jacket and ruana wraps. If in doubt have a look at what is being worn by the locals when you get there, then head off to a market and get yourself one that is probably way cheaper than you would have paid at home.

Whatever you decide to take on with you, remember it's all about having a good time and coming home with new memories. Although looking fashionable whilst doing that won't hurt, hah!