KIKO Denim Nail Lacquer

These are a part of KIKO's latest Boulevard Rock make-up collection and the shades are very much in line with the young, rock-chic effect the collection is going for. These nail paints are not your typical glossy or matte offerings but instead meet fussy nail lovers mid-way, offering a satin finish and a denim like effect. 

The satin finish is quite cool for this season when you can't quite decide whether you're feeling glossy or matte. The denim effect mimics the texture of the jeans with a few white speckles strategically forming a pattern than resembles the cult-favourite denim texture. 

These apply beautifully and are so opaque that they only need one coat. Their longevity and chip-resistance is not the best I have seen so far but nonetheless, if you're looking for a new maroon or blue nail paint with a quirky texture, these would not disappoint. 

For £5.90 a pop, I'd call them a bargain too good to miss out on. Oh and while you're browsing on their website or are in their factory like store, do check out their less talked about skincare range which is just fab! 


Mother's Day Gift Idea: Fragrance it is!

Mother's Day can be a challenging one to shop for. Hence I've got two perfume choices for you who simply cannot make up their minds. This one is from NSPA, which is an ASDA brand but does the most deliciously scented fragrances for less than a tenner. The best thing about them is how chic and classy they look for the price and how quality hasn't been compromised. The glass bottle feels heavy and the outer packaging is cute. This particular scent namely Bloom has hints from the rose family. It's also nutty and warm at the same time, making it absolutely perfect for mum's who wouldn't like overtly sweet scents. Perfect for long Spring/Summer days, when you want something simple and feminine yet uncomplicated and comforting. Definitely check out the range as they have some scrumptious concoctions. 

As for those who have a slightly more generous budget and want to spoil their mums like myself, comes this enchanting scent from Sisley namely Eau Tropicale. Just in time for Spring/Summer, the perfume is fresh, floral and musky. With an interesting blend of ingredients like violet, ginger flower, bergamot, turkish rose, patchouli and so on, it's just so elegant, charming and sexy. It almost has a mysterious aura to it as you can't precisely tell what you're smelling, but whatever it is - it's just so ethereal and flawless. Albeit floral, the scent's still quite clean and mature in a way that sets it apart from the rest. I'd like to say it's geared more towards evening wear but if I could, I'd just wear it all the time. Sisley's Eau Tropicale oozes luxury and decadence in an effortless, carefree manner. Can I just point out how ridiculously beautiful the bottle design is and let's just not forget the hint of purple ombre.  


Weleda Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream

If your hands still look they are suffering damage from Winter, it's time to get yourself this baby. It's a potent hand cream that will transform the look and feel of those hard working hands in a few days time. 

The rich formula  something that deserves slapping on thickly at night as a recovery tool or in daytime when you feel the skin on your hand is almost falling off - i.e. chapped and flaky. 

It recovers and replenishes like no other. I mean of course there's high end, luxe hand creams that do similar things for you but I rather prefer this baby for under a tenner. It's also less sticky and doesn't leave behind a greasy residue unlike other hand cream offerings. 

Covered in orange, the tube looks cute and almost vintage like and keeps hands coated in a layer of fatty acids, organic oils and plant extracts, meaning fewer chemical nasties and more of the real wholesome stuff. It almost creates an invisible barrier against environmental aggressors. 

Being an ardent of Weleda's Skin Food, I'm glad I have discovered yet another gem from their collection. This goes straight onto my bed side table for spontaneous hand reflexology sessions. 

Love Me Beauty March Beauty Box

Love Me Beauty March Beauty Box has a calming, relaxing and detoxing vibe to it. Not a surprise, considering March is all about Spring and Spring is all about a new slate and a fresh start. Of course the odd bit of sunlight here and there in the UK also helps. 

First off, these wispy lashes by The Vintage Cosmetic Company are fabulous. I can't glue a pair of lashes straight for the life of me but these are just so flexible to work with, even for dummies like me. I like the separation and length they provide as opposed to the faux volume. It can work for a clean and crisp eye shadow look, paired with red lips and nude eyes alongside a neat line of black liner. 

The sachet of English Rose Bath Salts smells delish and is such a treat to soak into the bath on a relaxing weekend. I personally love rose scent bath salts and these work a treat with a good read and some scented candles. Bliss!

Deep Steep Lavender Moisture Stick is a new concept to me altogether but it's apparently your go-to dose of moisture in a concentrated and convenient stick like format. Ingenious eh? Particularly for days on the beach, after a swim, post-gym-skincare and for holidays abroad. If your skin doesn't react well to lavender, then you might want to give this a miss. 

Murad's sample sized moisturiser with SPF of 15 and Blanx's peroxide free teeth whitener have both gone into my holiday bag for whenever I book another getaway to a sunny destination. Bright teeth just make anyone super confident and of course compliments a tan so well. As for SPF dashed into your moisturiser, it simply saves the trouble of applying it separately. 

Oh, I completely forgot my favourite product from the box, Nip & Fab's CC Eye Fix. It's so good for the under eyes. On good skin days, I can literally do my entire face with this, pop some blusher and voila, from corpse to a human I am transformed. 

On the whole, I quite like Love Me Beauty's March selection of products. They are relevant to the season and unique enough to call as discoveries. 


11 Amazing Foods To Fight Ageing

Ageing is inevitable and so are the wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin that accompany it. There is nothing wrong with looking your age, but only a few women relish this idea. Most of us are searching for the Fountain of Youth that can take years off our appearance without surgical and chemical intervention. Sadly, there is no such pill that can help us prevent the signs of ageing, but you can include certain foods to fight the war against wrinkles. These foods will not make you look younger magically, but can improve the overall health and vitality, protecting the skin from degeneration.

Image Source: www.stylecraze.com

1. Berries:

Berries like blueberries, cranberries, strawberries and raspberries are rich in antioxidants that promote cell health, protecting the body from several diseases. Vitamin C in berries repairs damaged tissues, assisting in skin regeneration. . Blue berries also help to reverse neurological degeneration, improving memory. It also restricts the growth of skin cancer cells.

2. Mango:

Mango is loaded with vitamins A and C that promotes the cellular turnover for smoother and younger looking skin. It strengthens the skin’s connective tissue, keeping it firm and plump. Vitamin C in mango promotes radiance and protects the skin’s moisture barrier, keeping it well hydrated.

3. Dark Chocolate:

Prolonged exposure to the ultraviolet rays ages the skin more quickly. Cocoa beans contain high levels of flavonols that reduce inflammation caused due to the UV rays. It improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture, reducing the appearance of fine lines. Cocoa also contains epigallocatechin that increases blood flow to the skin, boosting the nutrient and oxygen supply.

4. Fish:

The best way to keep the skin lubricated is by increasing your intake of healthy fats. Oily fishes like salmon, arctic char, tuna and trout contain high amounts of omega 3 fats that keeps the skin youthful and supple. EPA, eicosapentaenoic acid, one of the omega three fatty acids helps to preserve the collagen keep the skin firm. Studies have also revealed that people who eat fish tend to live longer. It also helps to reduce the inflammatory compounds that promote skin tumor growth.

5. Green Leafy Vegetables:

Green leafy vegetables are the best sources of antioxidants. They also contain lutein and zeaxanthin, which protect the body from the negative effects of the Sun. The nutrients found in green leafy vegetables help to preserve the skin’s firmness and elasticity. Eating loads of green leafy vegetables also lowers the risk of colon and stomach cancer.

6. Nuts and Seeds:

Nuts and seeds are excellent for the skin. They contain high levels of fatty acids that help the skin retain moisture. Hemp seeds are the only edible seeds that contain gamma-linoleic and omega 6 fatty acids, which form an important part of the membranes that surround the skin cells. Protein in seeds helps to synthesize collagen and elastin, keeping the skin supple and firm. Vitamin E in nut and seeds also influences the quality and texture of the skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of nuts help with several skin conditions like acne, psoriasis and eczema.

7. Red Wine:

Red wine is one of the best foods for reversing the signs of ageing. Red wine is made from the red grapes, which are rich in Resveratrol. Studies have concluded that Resveratrol helps to delay the signs of ageing. The antioxidants in red wine prevent heart diseases by protecting the arteries and the lining of the blood vessels. Sorbitol in red wine attracts water, helping the body absorb and retain more water.

8. Whole Grains:

Whole grain is excellent for the digestive system. It maintains regular bowel movements, helping to get rid of the unwanted toxins from the body. Whole grain is not only rich in fiber, but also provides polyphenol. The polyphenols inhibit the inflammation and tissue damage associated with ageing. Whole grains contain significantly higher levels of antioxidants than processed grains.

9. Garlic:

Garlic contains hydrogen sulfide, an antioxidant that relaxes the arteries and promotes blood flow to the skin. Our body naturally produces hydrogen sulfide, but adding garlic to the diet can help the cells to produce more of these beneficial compounds. Vitamin C in garlic supplies the body with the active ingredients required to remodel and reconstruct the skin’s collagen.

10. Avocado:

Avocado is hailed for its anti-ageing properties. It contains glutathione, an incredible anti-ageing compound. It flushes off the toxins from the body, helping with acne and wrinkles. It contains high levels of vitamin E that conditions the skin naturally, preventing the onset of wrinkles. The antioxidants in avocado disarm the oxygen molecules that damage the cells.

11. Tomato:

Tomato contains lycopene, a carotenoid that helps to keep the skin smooth and wrinkle free. A study published in European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics found that people who had higher concentrations of lycopene had a smoother and clearer skin. Consuming tomatoes also prevent the skin from sunburn.

Being healthy is more important than looking young! A healthy skin, in any case, tends to look fresher and younger. Include these foods in your diet and follow a good skin care regimen—you’ll notice the difference soon enough!

Do you worry about wrinkles? What do you do to keep them at bay?

Guest post courtesy of Chetana from Stylecraze.com: