Pastel Leather - A must-have for Spring/Summer 2014

Until the SS14 collections started rolling out in shops and online, who knew of pastel leather eh? I mean of course we have seen variations when it comes to leather jackets, trousers and skirts but nothing so dramatic. In fact quilted and contrast sleeves is all we knew until last year when it came to leather clothing but I have say, I am loving how experimental we are being this year when it comes to fashion. Pastel leather is such a refreshing change! We have always known leather to be grunge, dark, gothic and quite rock chic if you may but this year, pastel leather can be anything from bohemian any feminine to sports luxe. 

Not being an intense fashionista, there's at least one or two trends each year that I like to incorporate in my wardrobe and this year, pastel leather tops my list. It is quite weird to don light pastels at the beginning of the year but seeing them flocking like crazy in stores, I thought it was high time I jumped onto the bandwagon before it all disappears come Summer. For the daring lot out there, there's pastel leather skirts and jackets and for the demure bunch, pastel leather handbag and shoes would be much easier to sport and subtly incorporate in everyday life. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kristen Stewart and Rihanna have always adopted the pastel leather trend and have come out sporting chic and brave looks alike. 

The key to wearing pastel leather is to team it with darker, contrasting colours in my opinion, to avoid the look from appearing a bit too sickly sweet. Another way to don pastel leather is with different patterns and textures, like tartan, pleats and fur to give it more depth and dimension. Of course if all fails, the simplest is to pair pastel leather on it's own like how Katy Perry is rocking it in image above. Keep it simple and chic as the bold trend albeit easy to wear can quickly look garish if overdone. You can pair it with other pastel colours but make sure if you're wearing a pastel pink leather jacket, the pastel mint shirt is of a different material like cotton or chiffon for instance. Prevent it from looking as if you've tried too hard. 

What I personally love about pastel  leather is the vintage feel it oozes and how white and gold accessories go with the trend so well. As for the shades, you'll never run out of choice when it comes to the sugar coated trend as there's yellow, mint, duck egg blue, coral, cotton candy pink, lavender and paper white to take inspiration from. You can wear pastel leather quilted or glossy, nonetheless, the sorbet shades will immediately make you look so in vogue for the warmer months to come. Be it the holidays or festivals, I'm sure we'll see flashes of coloured patent leather everywhere. 

I have my eyes set on this mint green leather handbag that's a subtle way to wear pastel leather this season. I love how it's structured, cutting through the cuteness of the colour and making it appear grown up. It's also a little smaller than your usual tote bag making it in line with the undersized bag trend this season as well - two birds with one stone.


Beauty Lab Relax Neuropeptide Serum

Face Serums come and go but here's one for you that me and my mum have been digging lately. Trial and error includes us testing quite a few of these out there, in an attempt to completely zap mum's fine lines and give her a mini face lift without going to the doctors. As for me, if it helps with the pesky crows feet and lines around the eyes, I'm sold. 

I wasn't the best at science at school and nothing has changed now but what I understand is that it contains a tonne of antioxidants and peptides to strengthen the structure of skin and prevent it from sagging and wrinkling as much. These ingredients also kick start the sluggish collagen and elastin production going on in your skin and make it work like it used to in your teens. 

Also containing the added Vitamin E and Hyaluron, which I believe is our most loved, moisture boosting, Hyaluronic acid - it simply cannot be faulted in the plump and radiant skin department. The serum is actually a light lotion like consistency and immediately coats the skin in a veil of lustre and hydration. It then begins it's tightening and firming actions, results of which can be seen overnight. 

Don't expect magical, drastic results in a week but if you use it for a good few months, it seriously works wonders at retexturising dry, dehydrated, dull skin that suffers from a few more wrinkles and fine lines than what you'd be comfortable with. 



Super Facialist Una Brennan Skincare Oils

I have been using Una Brennan Skincare since a while now, her Face Masks in particular but nothing has impressed me as much as her facial oils. Oh my god, these are holy grail. You need and you must indulge in my fellow skincare geeks. Especially if you have confused, combination-dehydrated skin like myself. These will not dry out your skin out or cause a breakout - they are simply ingenious!

The Rose Hydrate Miracle Makeover Facial Oil is my favourite. Containing carrot oils, avocado oil and omega fatty acid, its super moisturising without causing any breakouts at all. May be because of it's two in one purpose which also makes it a cleansing oil? I mean you'll hardly come across cleansing oils that will break you out. Although it works great to remove make-up as a double cleanse step, I prefer it to use as a face oil after cleansing as it helps skin feel soothe and calm. Bliss! 

The Vitamin C Cleansing Oil as previously raved about by Caroline Hirons is surreal for the price it retails at. It puts high end, cult-favourite, hyped up cleansers to shame by it's simple efficiency and brilliant results. I hardly come across facial cleansers that I repurchase. Being a beauty blogger, constant road testing is a part and parcel of my life. But when I do decide to repurchase, it has to be bloody brilliant to make a place in my skincare basket when there's a pile of cleansers in storage to go through. You're a survivor, you clever clever cleansing oil. 

Lastly, a special mention goes to Neroli Firming Lift and Hydrate Facial Oil. Containing Borage Oil and Rosehip, it works hard at banishing those pesky fine lines and giving the complexion a supple boost and a plumper look. No dry skin and increased brightness helps at battling that prune like ageing look. Working in a similar way to the Rose Hydrate sibling, it can be used as a cleansing oil or a topper upper serum after cleansing. I prefer the latter due to the small size of the bottle which will get used up in a week if I start cleansing my humongous with it...hah! 

Moral of the story. Una Brennan's skincare range is the bomb. Her facial oils, so very aptly named. She must be one heck of a Super Facialist to come out with these genius formula's. 



Avon Mega Effects Mascara

I know the blogosphere is currently on the fence regarding this novelty lash offering but for me, it does the trick pretty well. I have long lashes anyway so all I want a Mascara to do is to curl them, hold the lift and coat them in a veil of carbon glossiness. Avon's Mega Effects did that spot on! 

It has fibre like strands in the formula that help build up fine lashes for visibly dramatic volume. A coat or two and you really will feel like ditching those falsies. I also found the dangerous looking mascara brush to work particularly well on short, spiky lashes. It's much more easier to grab every single one with the brush and lift them at the same time. 

It has great longevity on me and doesn't tend to flake or smudge. Just one problem with is the excess amount of mascara that scoops out every time you jiggle the brush through it's container. This can create unnecessary mess, printing on the eye lids and a not so glamorous clumping effect. 

For precise application and for the brush and the formula to actually show dramatic results, just take off the excess prior to using it each time and you'll do yourself a great favour. Oh and the mascara is a jet black for those who suffer from pale black lashes like mine. 

I'd suggest trying it out for it's novelty brush and if you have short, spiky, fine lashes. You need to get used to manoeuvring the brush as it can get too close to the lashline.