KIKO Colour Shock Long Lasting Eye Shadow

For cream eye shadows that simply do no budge, KIKO's current offerings top my list. Now that Spring/Summer is just around the corner, everyone wants to break from the routine of matte, dark shadows and dive into vibrant, shimmery lids and what better than a cream formula to do that. This one's almost a whipped mousse like texture that envelopes the skin in a veil of opaque pigment. 

If you like subtle, sheer lid offerings, then this is definitely not your cup of tea. It's bold, bright and full on with metallic and frosty being it's best features if you know how to use it correctly. I prefer scooping them on to the back of my hand and then buffing it on to the lids, building up sheer layers for greater intensity. This is the best way I found to avoid creasing and getting a seamless finish. 

They dry to a powdery finish which is never a bad thing when it comes to eye shadow longevity but just like mascara's, once dry it becomes tricky to tamper with it. I try and achieve my desired finish in the first few minutes of application and then allow it to set. KIKO couldn't have done better than a mint green and a pastel pink when it comes to Spring/Summer colours. Oh and if you're too shy to don this outside of your bedroom, then applying this with a good old eye liner brush always does the trick. It doesn't have to be the upper lashes! Switch it up this season and add a dash of colour to the lower lash line. 



Skin Chemists Bee Venom Skincare Range

I was recently introduced to the Bee Venom skincare range available at Skin Chemists and it was pretty interesting so I thought I'd let you guys know. With a huge celebrity and royal fan following, it has earned itself a reputation in a short amount of time. The range has a core ingredient that it banks on namely Bee Venom and Manuka Honey which are meant to tone and tighten the skin, leave it bright and improve clarity, keep it elastic and supple and aid a tiny bit with anti-ageing problems. Seems to good to be true isn't it? 

With use I found that you need a certain amount of patience with the range to notice results. It's not like a crash diet for your skin but rather a lifestyle change which will gradually show results. I found the products to improve skin clarity and brightness in particular. A bit like glycolic acid exfoliators, this gives skin HD clarity and the ability to go out in the sun 'au naturale' without thinking twice about your imperfections. Radiance is the range's forte and it does a brilliant job at that. Toning, firming and plumping are also benefits that I would easily attach to the skincare range.

My only problem with the range was that it was slightly drying on my skin and not hydrating enough due to which I had to apply a moisturiser on certain flaky and chapped areas. It may be different on other skin types but mine's pretty normal-combination and not dry at all hence this took me by surprise. Besides that, I'd say it's perfectly gentle and kind to skin and suitable for those in their late 20's and 30's who want a bit of a helping hand in the lifting, firming, hydration and radiance department. 

If you like light, serum formula's then the Bee Venom Facial Oil would be something you'd want to try out, considering it's also packed with a tonne of Vitamin E, B and C. For a slightly more nourishing and hydrating formula, the Bee Venom Facial Serum is what you'd like to spend your money on. It contains Manuka Honey and has been featured in the Daily Mail due to it's huge fan following and spectacular results. I also have a Bee Venom Face Mask from the range which is great for repairing and rejuvenating tired skin. It's as if it immediately gets the glow flowing towards the surface of the skin and makes it look less corpse-like. 

Their price points aren't quite pocket friendly but if you're wanting to splurge on a Mother's Day skincare present, these are great new finds you'd want to dip your feet into. 


AloeClear - The Modern Solution For Ingrown Hair

I have worked in a salon (in the Marketing department of course!) and am aware of the fact that waxing, temporary hair removal and permanent hair removal can not only be painful at the minute but can leave that uncomfortable feeling skin for minutes or hours after the treatment, depending on how often you get them done and how sensitive your skin is. Of course ice works quite well at providing immediate relief but if you are looking for a modern solution that you can incorporate as a lifestyle or that salons should highly invest in is Aloe Clear

It's a British brand and specialises in products that treat ingrown hair discomfort, sooth irritated skin, calm down redness and overall tackle that prickly, sore feeling associated with regular hair removal. Hair removal is a necessity, ingrown hair is an event that immediately follows. It's a consequence of the hair growth cycle that we simply cannot avoid. But instead of resorting to the bog standard ice remedy, Aloe Clear contains Aloe Vera, Mentha Peperita, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, fruit acids and skin conditioners which can work in an effective and quick manner to combat itchiness and irritation. 

They keep the area of the hair follicle free of any debris, preventing it from clogging and causing further discomfort. Skin is kept intensely moisturised and any dead skin cells on the surface of the skin are exfoliated away to reveal fresher, younger looking skin. Aloeclear is available in 3 sizes of roll on, 10, 60 and 120 ml. Meaning they have sizes ranging from a 10ml trial size to a 60 ml (that you can take on an aeroplane in hand luggage) and the full size 120 ml for larger areas of treatment. They are all travel friendly really, making them an ingenious item of vanity for weekends away from home, post-workout at the gym, festivals and summer holidays abroad of course! 

I quite like how their formula's are quick drying so no more wait before you can thrown on some clothes and continue with your usual daily activities. Also the fact they are marketed as unisex makes me love the brand more as I cannot stand  the stark 'for him' and 'for her' distinction especially when it comes to skincare and hair removal. Enough of that already, it's 2014 so lets cobble together what we have for both genders and present them as one unanimous set of products. 

So if you have thick or dense hair, a faster hair growth cycle, sensitive skin or are prone to excessive shaving and waxing, these are after-care staples that you'll swear by. Especially come Spring/Summer, permanent hair removal procedures such as Laser and IPL will shoot amongst consumers to avoid all the unnecessary sweating and hair on show in skimpy, airy clothing. To tackle the after effects such as stinging, burning, itching, redness, soreness, dryness or discomfort, Aloe Clear should act as a veil of protection and comfort on the skin. 


Timothy Dunn Frankincense & Oud Candle

Diptyque and Yankee maybe blogger's high end and high street candle favourites but mine is undoubtedly Timothy Dunn. He started off as a florist initially in the UK which makes me love his range even more as he knows about his scents quite well. I don't know why but I have sniffed and analysed the above mentioned, much raved about candle brands but somehow just haven't been as impressed.

If I want to indulge in a luxury candle, it will only be Timothy Dunn that I'll spend my cash after. It's worth every single penny in my opinion. Everything from it's leather like cardboard box to it's glossy, heavy glass container that's always stained in the most beautiful colour always manages to take my breath away. The packaging is simple, chic and sophisticated. 

You can immediately tell they don't compromise on quality as I seriously can burn their candle for hours and have so in the past year (not this one but Arabian Fig) and simply never seem to hit bottom. There must be something magical about it's longevity. Well, I am not complaining. 

As for the scent, simply leave the candle unlit and you'll still be able to breathe in the sumptuous aroma. This particular one would make a gorgeous Mother's Day present, something everyone will be blown away by. Taking inspiration from India, Dubai and Bahrian - the scent is a predominant reminder of the middle east. With notes of saffron, oud, spicy fruit teas and much more, it's mainly warm and woody - not heady or overtly strong at all. 

A clever blend of ingredients have insured it stays refreshing at the same time, making it the perfect contender to light on long summer evenings. If luxurious candles are your thing, these ones last forever and look absolutely impressive. 


KIKO Boulevard Rock Collection

These are my two favourite items from KIKO's latest collection namely Boulevard Rock. First up is the Rock Attraction Bronzer. Of course the denim zip like embossing makes it immediately eye catching but besides it's superficial novelty, it is also a very finely milled powder. A gorgeous bronzey shade, it has absolutely no orange or muddy tones to it. It's a neutral tone bronzer, neither too cool or grey nor too warm. As for shimmer, I see none that's easily visible to the eye. You know what I immediately compared it to after slapping it on my face, Michael Kors Bronzer that's worth triple the price if I am correct. Both deliver a very deliciously seamless finish where you can't really tell where it begins or ends. Oh I am wearing it above by the way, just for reference. No matter what skin tone you have, if you're looking for a sheer yet buildable airbrushed bronzer, this is it. 

Next up is the Skinny Fit Kajal in Glam Sea Green. It's a pastel mint green and I'm not joking, I have only dreamt of an eye liner so exact to that seen on runway models for SS14. You may find a similar colour in the drug store but the same pigmentation and no-pull consistency, I highly doubt. Eyeliner application isn't even my forte and I can work this really well to create whatsoever shape on the lids. Winged out cat liner, socket shading, you name it. It's so fun to play around with but if you plan to wear it outside, tonnes of mascara will be your only best friend. Now go get it, will you? 


The Body Shop Hair Chalks

They are the latest hair phenomenon of the year and the first time I'm trying it out which is uber exciting! Now I'm not the bravest of all when it comes to experimenting with hair colours which are permanent but when it comes to temporary wash-out options, I'm all ears. Especially if it's pink and I am planning to rock an ombre with it. Coloured highlights never tempted me and nor did full hair colour. Ombre however, I feel will simply never go out of fashion, like skinny jeans and Starbucks you see? 

The Body Shop do really simple hair chalks in two primary shades and clam they'll work on all hair types. These are simply coloured powder for the hair and I've heard you can replicate similar results with a spare eye shadow but I personally would opt for hair chalk if I were you. After being super sceptical on how the colour would translate onto my black tresses, it was quite relieving to know that it actually worked pretty well. 

Of course you'd have to keep in mind that the ends of my hair were previously ombred to a golden brown colour hence the end result was more of a pastel, dusky sunset pink on me, which I absolutely loved. On pitch black hair that hasn't been coloured however, it came out to be more of a lavender-ish pink, which still looked pretty cute. 

Overall the hair chalks are pigmented and would need to be sealed with a hairspray if you want them last overnight and not stain your bed sheets or clothing. It's a bit of a mess to apply so wear disposable gloves if possible and prevent brushing your hair too much after application, do all that jazz beforehand. If you've always wanted to try a pastel pink ombre after lusting at uncountable tumblr, pinterest and instragram pictures, then this is the perfect way to indulge in the trend minus the commitment.