Swarovski Crystal Tattoos & Body Jewellery by Bling Art

Temporary crystal tattoos never really went of style did they? I mean of course they evolved in the sense they last longer, combine seamlessly with your skin and appear almost three dimensional in a chic way. Tattoo stickers are great for those who like simplistic body art but if you want an instant glamour upgrade to your look, a little bit of shimmer and sparkle is the way to go. I personally would love to flaunt it for a night out. If you are like me and don't like flashy outfits, bright colours and loud patterns for evening wear, a hint of swarovski crystal tattoos peeking mysteriously from the side of the neck is the perfect way to incorporate some bling in your otherwise subtle outfit.

Now that the festival season is almost upon us , soon we'll see short shorts and crop tops being the staple outfit of choice for most Londoners. Ladies, it's time we can have our cake and eat it too with mature, feminine designs that are not permanent or designed for kids. With so much skin on show, it's the perfect opportunity to dress it up with some bespoke swarovski crystal tattoos or if you're feeling more adventurous, swarovski crystal body jewellery. The latter comes in more exquisite, never seen before designs and has an almost unbelievably beautiful 3D finish. Perfect to accompany your boho chic, grunge look at the festival. Sport them around the belly button or at the back of the thighs for a playful, carefree look.

Spring/Summer has so much more to offer than just sunshine and festivals – the wedding season of course! A hot favourite couple of months for bride and groom to be's, it's also the perfect opportunity to don some intricate and elegant swarovski crystal tattoos or swarovski crystal body jewellery. A delicate blue butterfly pattern with a handful of crystals thrown in will look oh-so-delicate and adorable, whether you're a bridesmaid or the bride to be. If the black outline of crystal tattoos is a bit harsh for your wedding day, opt for some body jewellery and wear it instead of your necklace or headpiece. I feel wedding's are the perfect occasion to flaunt something interesting and trend setting as it can get a little boring and repetitive when it comes to gowns and jewellery.

What I found super interesting about swarovski crystal body jewellery is that it can be applied to items of clothing just as easily as it can be stuck to the skin. So if there is a plain wedding gown or an evening outfit or just some hipster shorts that you want to give a personal touch too, these are quite the trend setter's I must say. Oh and if you're worried that it may look slightly kiddish or over the top, worry not as these crystal tattoos are engrained with high quality swarovski crystals that give them a unique depth and dimension.

Over the last few months it has been global fashion week held in various capitals around the world, if memory serves me correctly I am sure fashion designers have used swarovski crystals on models to accentuate their look. Especially when modelling sheer fabrics and to give the outfit a mysteriously glamorous touch. Also a top favourite with A-list celebrities, crystal tattoos have often made an appearance on the red carpet mainly through sleek and simplistic backless ensembles.

So tell me – are you into body jewellery, crystal tattoos and other such temporary fashion accessories? I personally like the fact that these last only for a good few days as that way there's minimum commitment involved. Not a bling babe myself, I am keen on giving these swarovski crystal tattoos a try come Spring/Summer. Flashing them slightly through sheer tops and backless maxis will be right up my street!

To find out more www.blingart.co.uk


Mother's Day Gift Ideas

With Mother's Day fast approaching people right across the UK are starting to worry in the same way they do every year. They are all struck with the same dilemma; do they stick to the tried and trusted chocolates and flowers or try to be a bit more inventive? Age plays a big part in buying Mother's Day gifts too as what would be an appropriate gift for a mum in their 30's will probably not be for a mother and grandmother in her 70's.

So let's look at this logically so there are as few faux pas this March 30th as is possible. If you are a husband with a young family you could be in the position of having to find a gift for your partner from the children as well as one for your own mum. A word to the wise; don't get them the same thing. This is may seem like the easy option but neither will be impressed at how little thought you have put into it.

If you decide on a leather bag, for example, or a piece of jewellery, it is not rocket science to select two pieces suited to the women who will be using them. Big, long scarves are very popular amongst younger women but an older mom would much prefer a Pashmina in my opinion. Candles are another gift that every woman loves but once again there are different styles which the different age groups will appreciate so a little bit of homework goes a long way.

In all fairness, there are so many choices for Mother's Day gifts that nobody should be really stuck for ideas. Even older mums who claim to have everything have a longing for something, and it doesn't have to be a material possession. A trip to the theatre, a spa day, taking her to a restaurant she's always wanted to try but thought was too expensive, when you start thinking about it nobody should be stumped.

If you prefer to stick to tangible items that you can wrap up and they can use, apart from the aforementioned candles you have a wealth of choice open to you. A young mum who prides herself on her appearance would probably appreciate a quality set of make up brushes to apply her make up for a special meal or night out. You might just be surprised as then when they must have last restocked on their dated supply of makeup brushes.  

There is still a few weeks until the big day so you still have enough time to consider the possibilities and come up with the best solution for mums of all ages. You could make this a Mother's Day to remember for that special lady in your life simply getting a thoughtful, considerate gift you know they will love. You only have one mum and while you may treat yours to all manner of niceties, making a fuss of her on her designated special day will create those kind of priceless memories that last forever.


KIKO Lasting Gel Eyeliner & Overblown Volume Mascara

Compared to endless disappointing Maybelline Mascara's I have tried in the past, KIKO Overblown Volume Mascara is the bomb. For under a tenner, it's one of the best Mascara's I've tried when it comes to volume, separation and carbon black lashes. The formula of it is quite thick and goopy which is exactly what I prefer as I know it provides the best hold and curl. The brush is pretty thick and can get messy if you're in a hurry or have too much product coated onto it. If you take your time at preening your lashes like me, then you'll love the effect it gives. The detailed comb brush ensures not a single lash is left uncoated. The brush and the formula both are ace in this particular product making it a must-try for Spring/Summer. I can't vouch for it's waterproof abilities however, you'll have to test that out and report peeps.

KIKO's Lasting Gel Eyeliner is a one of a kind product that I've come across. It's a hybrid between gel and liquid liner. The softly whipped consistency is just delicious and a dream to glide onto the lashes. It's a bit like gel ink if you like? An ebony black shade, it dries off to dark black finish. But the best part is, I doubt it will ever dry out. So no more worrying about keeping the lid tight shut like we did with MAC and Bobbi Browns. This baby is just formulated in a modern way to avoid tugging or pulling around the lashes. As for longevity, it will not budge unless tackled with an oil based or waterproof make-up remover. Impressive huh? Check it out at KIKO stores for sure as I couldn't seem to find it online. The best I've found so far if you have a shaky hand and have trouble getting your feline flick correct. 


Organic Surge Orange Flower Toner

With anti-ageing, healing and skin regenerating properties, the Orange Flower Toner by Organic Surge has slowly but steadily creeped up to become my favourite. It smells refreshing and feels absolutely delightful on the skin. Quite a modern toner at that, there's no alcohol scent or astringent like feel with this. To me if feels highly similar to Pixi's cult favourite Glow Tonic but at half the price. The glow it delivers instantly is amazing! Pair it with a glycolic acid product and the skin resurfacing benefits are doubled. Leaving skin nicely balanced and nourished, you can take your time to apply a dash of light moisturiser and your skin won't feel taut or uncomfortable. I use it around the eye area in the evening to get rid of make-up and sometimes in the morning to depuff and refresh the eye area and it works like a charm. It's a 99% natural toner also helps at including it in my uncomplicated skincare regime. You need to get your hands on this as soon as possible come Spring/Summer! Perfect to refresh skin mid day in hot and humid months. Best used chilled is always my advice when it comes to toners. 

Get it here: http: www.organicsurge.com


Marta Jonsson Scented Candles

Marta Jonsson is a London based designer who specialises in leather handbags and shoes since decades. Every European footwear store to boutiques have graced Marta's designs over years and have appreciated them for it's uniqueness and attention to detail. They are chic, classy and versatile however nonetheless dearly priced. Her simplistic yet sophisticated take on fashion however reminds me much of The White Company and Zara Home. 

It's something that won't easily go out of date and will rather age gracefully. Marta started off working at a shoe boutique in her teenage years and knew exactly in 2 hours that designing shoes and looking at happy customers is what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Quite a few clothing outlets under her belt and supplying steadily over the past years, Marta has decided to dip her feet into the home sector. As they always say, if you're looking for perfumes or scented candles, the best ones you can find is through designers. They'll always make sure it smells luxurious and looks fashionable. 

I personally am a candle hoarder and no number is just enough for me. Having said that, I do consider candle packaging and like complimenting it with home decor. It just makes sense doesn't it? Would you pick a flower vase for the sitting room without it complimenting the room decor? Similarly, candles have the exact same criteria in my opinion and Marta Jonsson's are no exception. 

They are gorgeously housed in a glass container that's narrow at the bottom and wide at the top, giving it an almost vintage like look and feel. The contrasting black Marta Jonnson logo label on the top makes an interesting touch. Compared to the overtly colourful and extravagantly decorated candles these days, I quite prefer this for Spring/Summer. 

Perfect for a crisp, clean feel especially if you have a home office like mine. Vanilla is also my favourite scent regardless of the season as the delicious sweet and comforting scent always works wonders at uplifting my mood and getting rid of those Monday blues. It's also a great one to burn in the back yard when chilling out on long summer evening, aah the life!

For £13.93 and free shipping, this Marta Jonsson Scented Candle is a steal! Would make a perfect Mother's Day present. Now if you excuse me, I think I'm going to stock up on a few.


Spring Clean Your Wardrobe: The do's and dont's

As March has greeted us, it's time to get in the mood for some Spring/Summer fashion. The first step for it is quite obviously a good old Spring Clean! Whether it's recycling, donating, storing, restyling, layering or declutttering purposes you're planning to achieve, below are some unwritten rules to abide by for a successful session of wardrobe detox. 

If you haven't worn something for 1 year straight, it's time for it to leave the wardrobe. Certain seasonal prints, textures and colours can easily go out of trend and make you look 'last season' almost instantly. If you're a fashionista, that's the last thing you want so make sure to those outdated prints, textures and colours are replaced by newer offerings. Think neon, pastels, sports luxe, monochrome, metallic and pleats. 

If it's not the right size, it's time for that college tshirt top to now leave the wardrobe. Impulse purchases or sentimental presents that simply never have been worn outside the house also need to be given a new home. Be ruthless and don't let that guilt creep up. It's a much sensible idea to fill up the wardrobe with outfits you'll actually wear rather than one's that will only store dust. The easiest way to tell  what your personal style is to pick out five outfits from the wardrobe and gauge if there's some sort of a pattern going. If yes, then that's what you need to invest in more.

Spring cleaning also includes accessories ladies in the likes of scarves, jewellery and handbags. There's simply no point hoarding up trinkets when you personally like a minimalistic style and leave home sans jewellery every single day. Instead, invest in a chic designer watch or subtle studs that you can easily thrown on everyday without thought. Leather handbags are always a great option to have as they can easily fit into the 'to-keep' pile due to their versatility and classic nature. You can hardly ever tell if a good quality leather handbag is worn out and even if it is, vintage is back in fashion! If you still want to look more SS14, opt for an undersized, pastel or neon leather handbag to channel your inner fashion maven. 

There's tonnes of charities you can choose from to donate your good condition fashion belongings. Trust me, it will definitely make you feel good donating for a good cause and of course give you a reason to treat yourself with newer wardrobe pieces. Ask friends and family if they're ready to take some stuff off your hands as something you don't like might just be someone else's treasure! Unflattering and tight clothing is a big no-no in any season, so make sure those are the first ones to leave your valuable cupboard space.