Chic Beauty Make Up Courses

If you're interested in dipping your feet into the highly competitive beauty industry, a make up course is the way to go. Beauty courses are the only way to develop your skills further into the field, tap in to your specific interests in the Health & Beauty sector and secure yourself a reputable job in the industry. If you are a fan of celebrity make-up artists such as Lisa Eldridge and Charlotte Tilbury and love the idea of making up celebrity faces for the red carpet or making up models for magazine covers, then stop lusting over the idea and start applying for make up courses! Chic Beauty Make Up Courses cover every aspect when it comes to beauty from eye brow threading, intimate waxing to relaxing facials, bridal make up, nails, spray tan and more. 

Being a Make up Artist is not just about painting celebrity faces and shooting magazine covers. It can be anything such as fashion make-up for photo shoots and editorials, advertisement campaigns to working as a make up artist at a beauty counter, beauty salon or as a freelancer. Now that the wedding season's here come Spring/Summer, Make-up Artists will be in demand like hot cake and same goes the case for spray tanning and eye lash tinting/perming which are holiday must-haves. With Bridal Make Up prices at professional salons beginning from £250, you are as good as the number of clients you can score with your skills. Plus, beauty and make up courses usually include client communication and interaction as a necessary part of the course structure, leaving you as a student perfectly equipped with everything you may need. 

Gel Nails and Nail Extension services are always in high demand, no matter what season or occasion so if you find yourself excelling in this particular field whilst enrolled onto a make-up course, consider yourself lucky and brace yourself for the fleet of clients that you'll soon be dealing with. In today's social media savvy world, a few YouTube videos may seem more than enough to get a grip over nail art but there's nothing like a personal tutor and a beauty school like environment when it comes to getting every detail correct. Plus certified skills are any day more valuable than being self taught. It just shows more determination in my opinion. 

Having a quick look at Chic Beauty Make Up Courses team of instructors, it was clear that they are all industry professionals with years of experience in the health and beauty industry. With some having practised their skills internationally, to working at five star hotel spas, running personal beauty businesses to teaching beauty professionally, their skills were endless. Learning from such a talented bunch would surely transfer invaluable skills in a much more effective manner than being self taught. 

Originally based in Luton, Chic Beauty Academy provide make up and beauty courses in London, Kent, Cambridge, Peterborough, Bournemouth, Plymouth, Birmingham, Sheffield, Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds, Bradford, Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Edinburgh and Belfast at hired venues. They can be contacted at info@chicbeautyacademy.co.uk for further information on course dates. 

Glossybox February

Glossybox February was quite lovely! Containing a chunky eye pencil crayon in purple, a Maybelline double sided Mascara, a Body Shimmer, a lovely Ciate Nail Colour, a Hair Mask sachet and a lovely addition of a Lindt, it wasn't only perfect keeping in mind the lovey-dovey Valentine's but also quite appropriate for Spring that shall be greeting us soon. 

If you plan to show some skin at evening events in the warmer months, the body shimmer is subtle but gorgeous to slap onto the shoulders, legs, collarbone and decolletage for a faux glow. The creamy formula doesn't make the glitter stand out but rather blend in seamlessly with the skin. The waterproof mascara for lower and upper lashes was much needed as I plan to do a huge spring clean on my vanity for which this will be a good replenishment to the 4 gloopy, unused mascaras I throw out. 

I am not a fan of powder eye shadows come Spring/Summer, hence eye shadow sticks become my preferred method of dispersing some color onto those peepers. As for the the Ciate Nail Varnish, it was love at first sight for me. With an opaque formula, thin texture and a slick glossy finish, it's seriously the bomb. For all you ladies wanting to go for that clean, chic finish for Spring, this is a must-have.             



T3 Straightener: SinglePass Professional Straightening & Styling Iron

The ceramic plates of this iron are infused with tourmaline during the moulding and baking process and not just the fake coating like other straighteners but the entire plate is made out of Tourmaline which effectively works at making the hair glossy and mend split ends with use. The bevelled edges also help create a flawless curl and beachy waves with ease. It has heat adjustment settings and a pink power button which contrasts with the white and black glossy exteriors. 

I personally prefer the T3 Straightener over the GHD as it helps reduce flyaways and frizz. Created by an Engineer named Kent Yu, it contains a microchip brain which constantly measures and adjusts the temperature of the plates.for accurate and consistent heating. This prevents overheating the device and damaging hair unnecessarily. I was amazed to find out that you can dry the hair from inside out with the straightener, keeping in mind that's it's not soaking wet. Guess what, it actually worked straightening damp hair without creating that sizzling sound like your hair's on fire. Impressive eh? Saves time for all you lazy asses out there!

Although a powerful and effective device, it neither will give you poker straight hair, nor will it have your head wrapped around in ribbon curls in a jiffy. It takes it time at giving smooth results which are modern and easily wearable. So if you like polished straight hair that resembles a blowdry and tousled beachy curls that are fit for SS14, then this would be right up your street. I personally love it as it doesn't drag down my hair as GHD did. 

Available to purchase at t3haircare.co.uk, check it out for sure!


Models Own HyperGel Effect Polish

Absolutely loving these HyperGel Nail Paints by Model's Own. It gradually becoming a brand that can literally do no wrong in my eyes. Every single nail paint I've tried and tested from their range lately has been freaking brilliant. The formula's live up to my expectations and stay on more much longer than I'd expect them to. As for their finish, it's always spot on glossy and glamorous. With so much innovation churning out of the brand in the last year or so, I can definitely see it become a worldwide favourite very, very soon. 

Their latest addition to the overgrowing range is the Hyper Gel formula which mimics the effect of gel nail paints without the need of a UV light. The effect is a sturdy, opaque coat that envelopes the nail in it's pigmentation and coats it in it's seamless texture, providing just the polished finish you'd find for gel nails in a salon. Now I personally don't have the time or the convenience to spare to lounge around in a nail bar, hence these babies do the job for me just right. I love how the colours are so primary and vibrant, perfect for the warmer months ahead. Will look great paired with some sunshine eh? 

Enriched with lotus flower oil and with the lid top representing an exact match for how it would look on the nail, these are great to to revamp your look for Spring/Summer. I have my eyes glued onto a coral and lavender shade from the range - tres chic!

Go get yourself some of these here


DKNY Be Delicious: City Blossom EDT Spray Limited Edition

DKNY have stepped up their game for Spring-Summer and have released three Limited Edition versions of DKNY Be Delicious, aptly naming the range 'City Blossom'. The fragrances still have the cool New York city vibe intact, but this time it's just more vibrant, dreamy and refreshing. The notes are still strongly reminiscent of the previous editions but with a chic, fresh twist to them. I personally am a huge fan of the artwork that has been done on the perfume packaging, so contemporary. I wish I could paint my entire room like this!

Empire Apple. This one is the typical Apple scent that leans on being fresh, slightly zingy and with a dominant burst of freshness. For all the fruity scent fans out there, this ones a must. Having said that, it's not as sharp and crisp as it's predecessors. Hence if you ever thought you cannot ever wear a fruity apple based scent, this DKNY number will prove you wrong. It's time to ditch those heady scents and get some of this lively concoction back on the dresser.

Rooftop Peony. My favourite out of the bunch, I have a soft spot for this baby in my heart. It's sweet and rosy with a hint of amber and mandarin shot through it to balance out the sweetness. My perfect daytime scent, it's surely something that acts as a pick-me-up for me and makes me feel feminine and polished. Perfect for Spring/Summer, it's floral, feminine and a universally flattering one that most noses will adore. 

Urban Violet. An evening scent amidst it's counterparts, Urban Violet strikes middle ground by being not too floral, nor to fruity. Just perfectly smoky and warm, what you'd like to don on a Summer evening without it being overpowering. It's edgy with the right amount of mandarin and apple blossom shot through it. If you cannot stand sugary sweet or zingy fruity scents, then this will be right up your street. It's modern, young and perfect to reserve for a night out. 

On the whole, I'm so impressed with the collection. The scent's are distinctively different from the ones released in the past making them surely worth a whirl. If you're looking to update your scent wardrobe for Spring/Summer, check these out for sure. Rooftop Peony tops my must-have list!