Love Me Beauty Valentine's Box

If you're a regular reader of the blog, my admiration for the consistency of Love Me Beauty Box won't be something new to you. It's the last box that debuted out of all the beauty boxes out there but as they say, save the best for last, that was exactly the case. I love it for it's inclusion of full sized products from interesting brands, that I'll actually use. I hardly doubt I've ever wasted or given away a spare product from Love Me Beauty box like I do with other brands. It's just so good, I have to keep it all myself.

Now I love Percy & Reed products but never got a chance to try them out. Was I glad or what when I saw a full sized bottle of it's haircare goodness snugly tucked into the box. At first I thought it was a dry shampoo but then I read again and it's in fact a 'dry conditioner'. Now that's something new eh? I had to read instructions so carefully as I simply hadn't come across such a novelty before. Apparently it's just as simple as a conditioning spray for your tresses. It makes them soft, glossy and hydrated. I love it for the separation and freshness it gives plus a little bit of added texture too. Not so fond of it's cucumber scent but I'm not complaining as I love it to bits.

Then we have the Multi purpose Pocket Balm by The Bakewell Soap Company. For lips, hands, nails and body. Always great to stock up on such versatile wonders but I really want brands to stop doing such kind of products as the market is saturated with them. I literally have a draw full of these! Then we have a mini sample of the Smooth Day Face Care which is a moisturiser that I shall keep aside for travel. It comes in such a cute glass pot that I just cannot get myself to use it. Plus am I the only one who finds sachet moisturisers super annoying?

The Art Deco Lip Colour is always welcome in my vanity as they are super hydrating and gorgeously pigmented yet wearable. The colour is spot-on for Valentine's Day! Last but not the least, we have a bunch of food supplements which I am in dire need of for hair growth and getting my skin back to normal. Going to start having these from today and report back any difference. But regardless, such a cool idea to thrown something like this in a Beauty Box.

Guys, you may be late but this is the best Valentine's Day present that you can give to a girl who's obsessed with all things beauty. If you're not so good at present hunting yourself, this pre-set beauty products will surely win her over.


Argentum La Potion Infinie

In the line of luxury lotions and potions such as La Prairie and Creme De La Mer comes Argentum with Silver Hydrosol and DNA HP being it's main ingredients. It has in built anti bacterial properties that makes it suitable to be slapped on carelessly by problem skin ladies as well. An anti-ageing wonder product, this traps water in the skin, preventing it from dehydration and maintaining suppleness and bounce. It also traps in collagen and elastin both of which are required for a youthful looking face. I wouldn't say it's the most hydrating formula I have ever tried but what I noticed was that it moisturises skin without leaving an obvious film of oily residue on top so what you get is a modern, velvety matte finish  that looks just like skin. Not supermodel, highlighter overloaded skin, just normal healthy skin that you get on good skin days.

It works fabulously on fine lines, wrinkles and firming the face. I tried it on my fine lines and my mum noticed a huge different in her forehead lines and nose to mouth lines after using this product. Of course she has an extensive skincare regime but it was mainly built around this which I why I am attributing the change to it. Not the most affordable, budget friendly product either, it's something that would fall in the luxe skincare category. Having said that, a huge 70ml pot will you set you back by £147 but seeing that the creams texture is runny, it will take you months to go past one tub. I like how they've cleverly put the fluid formula in a tub instead of a pump dispenser bottle as you'll use it much less this way.

If branded anti-ageing skincare has always disappointed you with it's airbrushed before-after pictures, you need to give this modest brand a try (if you're looking for a lush alternative) for relying on it's scientific research and tried and tested ingredients instead of over-the-top advertising.



DHC Revitalising Moisture Strips for Eyes

Being a huge fan of sheet masks, the next step to venture into was of course the similar equivalent for eyes. Seeing a tonne of bloggers so into collagen patches, I really thought that wouldn't necessarily be something my eyes needed. I am an obsessive computer user and am always literally found glued to it. My sister always tells me if I like to work so much, I should have become an investment banker hah! But I like my Marketing jobs a bit too much. Anyhoo, I thought I needed something that was hydrating, refreshing with a teensy bit of firming properties whacked in as I do tend to get a bunch of fine lines around the eye area.

In came the DHC Revitalising Moisture Strips. DHC is an Asian brand I believe and make fuss-free yet effective skincare, much like in the line of Muji. I quite like the fact that these are the adhesive kinds as you don't have to go around fixing them when they slip off. Having said that, I know many people wouldn't prefer an adhesive eye mask so if you're one of them, stick to the collagen option.

I felt this was moderately moisturising, but seemed to help more with dark circles, puffiness and eye bags. It also seemed to have a nice tightening action, depending on how long you left it on, 30 minutes or one whole night. It contains a tonne of ingredients that are good for brightening the under eye area, all stuffed into one little adhesive eye patch.

A lovely option for those of us who like to multi task. Slap it on during an at-home movie session, whilst doing your hair in the morning, or after a long day at work. Albeit not an anti-ageing, mature skin product, I feel this would benefit young skin better that suffers from tiredness, fatigue and dehydration.

For £6.95, I wouldn't ask for more.