Sponsored Video: The Real Price of Fake Products

How annoyed are we as a blogger community when we come across fake makeup goods, especially in the line of MAC and Benefit in particular. Those who indulge in buying them expect similar colour payoff but sadly, neither is it of the same quality, nor are we expected to receive the same great service we receive from these brands. Recently, I’ve seen Real Techniques brush ‘dupes’ popping up everywhere on ebay. Now these can from the same factory as Real Techniques brushes but the love and care that Sam Chapman must have put in making sure these brushes are of superior quality for millions of her YouTube viewers online will surely not be the case with slightly cheaper ‘dupes’.  

Also, I personally feel that the word ‘dupe’ is overused and undermines the severity of actual ‘fakes’ out there. Dupes can be when two brands make similar products at different price ranges and fakes are when a replica bears the name of the original brand quite shamelessly and sells it at an unbelievably lower price.

Fashion goods are apparently the most involved when it comes to fake products as found by the European Commission who found these made up 54% of the total value of detained goods. It’s not uncommon to see bad duplicates of Birkin and Celine hand bags at market stalls in London and elsewhere in the UK. It’s tempting to cave in and get your hands on something that looks similar to the arm candy you’ve lusted after for years.

But what you’re doing by making a purchase is supporting the entire network of fakery, gangsters and people who are trying to avoid paying any sort of tax at all. I am only aware of fashion & beauty fakery as that’s where my interests lie primarily but can you imagine this happening with medicine? How life threatening would that be? Apparently the European Authorities detained 27 million fake medicines in 2011.

They have made it their mission to keep a close unforgiving eye to this chain of fakery whether be in fashion, beauty, medicine or any sort of goods but it will only come to an end when we as consumers say no to it. Save up for quality goods and say no to too-good-to-be-true bargains. 

*Sponsored by the European Commission 


Sisley Phyto Lip Twist

This is something that's been glued to my lips almost continuously since I've got my hands on it. These beauts are Phyto Lip Twists by Sisley. Of course they look like your regular lip butters but having tried out almost every variation from every brand out there, I've learnt to pick out the ordinary from the extra ordinary. Those that have fallen in the latter category for me till date have been by the underrated Pixi and the cult-favourite Clinique. Now, these one's by Sisley have craftily made their way up to the top of the my list. 

I've always had a soft spot for Sisley in my collection. I love every single product from them just so much that it literally always ends up in my make-up bag. I must appear so high-maintenance pulling out a Sisley face powder, blusher and now a lip twist from my hand bag, hah! If you've got the cash to splurge and know certain shades will last you a lifetime than I highly recommend you indulge in some Sisley.

Back to the lip twists. They have a very unique consistency in the sense that they appear to initially not glide on to the lips as well. But once on, they form a thin film like texture and pigment by pigment coat the surface area of the lips flawlessly. There is absolutely no flaking or chapped lips peeping through with this baby as it's intensely hydrating. The formula of it is a hybrid between a hydrating lipstick and a nourishing lip balm. A bit like how Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream would be if it were coloured! As for longevity, I haven't come across anything better. Oh and they are full coverage too so no more rubbing it on your lips until you see a hint of colour. 

I have shades 4 and 5, both of which are equally gorgeous but I clearly have a favourite. No 4 is a bubblegum pink, blue toned shade that's easy to wear if you shy away from bright lippies as it can be sheered down. No 5 however is this gorgeous deep red with warm undertones, which somehow seems to complement my olive skintone like a match made in heaven. With all my full on red lippies going waste as I can't pull them off on a usual workday, this comes out victoriously letting me play around with the classic shade albeit subtly. 

Retailing for £28 each, I highly suggest you indulge in some swatching and smearing at a Sisley counter.



Derma Roller Review

Not sure if you have heard about this device but Derma Roller is similar to laser skin treatments and skin peeling but with much fewer, almost non existent side effects. Just like how a hand held, rolling facial massager is now back in trend, so is a Derma Roller to take the mission of getting skin in tip-top condition in your own hands. No more Dermatologist, (although going to one if you have severe skin concerns is recommended) or expensive skin resurfacing treatments. 

A Derma Roller works on the simple mechanism of rolling the device to and fro on the skin. This in turn causes skin to think that it has been injured, due to the pricking sensation and the minor 'trauma' to skin that it causes that we cannot see. To make up for that, healthy skin cells from around the area start working harder to recover that 'traumatic' skin. What this means is increased collagen production which can reduce with age, better elasticity and better skin cell regeneration. 

If you are younger, Derma Roller helps with fading out stretch marks, acne scars, blemish marks and if you have mature skin, I found Derma Roller helped with sagging skin, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots and hyperpigmentation. My mum has been giving this a whirl as a part of her obsessed anti-ageing skincare routine and likes how it works in combination with a high retinoid and hyaluronic acid products. 

Of course the Derma Roller contains needles that are suitable for rolling on the skin but nonetheless will feel uncomfortable depending on your pain threshold. I've been told, you can't feel it on plump areas of the face such as the cheeks but slightly more on bony areas such as the forehead. My mum also suffers from two hyperpigmentation spots on both of her cheeks and reports a subtle decrease in darkness after using it occasionally for 3 months. Not bad eh? 

So to sum up my ramble for you, a Derma Roller works for:

  • Fading Stretch Marks
  • Fading Acne/Blemish Scars
  • Promoting Hair Growth (yes it's suitable for use on the scalp)
  • Deep Exfoliation
  • Softening Hyper Pigmentation
  • Reinstating Skin Elasticity
  • Blurring out Fine Lines/Wrinkles
  • Resurfacing Skin Texture

As for the brand, it is important not to compromise with low quality needles but it doesn't have to be really expensive either. You can get decent ones around the £30 mark. Start off with 0.25mm or 0.5mm needle size. Any thing above that will work better but I've heard it's more suitable to opt for a derma roller session at a clinic with a professional if you want to use a needle size higher than that.

My mum got her's from here: http://bit.ly/1cU9dCB

Organic Surge Overnight Sensation Night Cream

If traditional face oils break you out, you need to try this for night time skin restoring. I personally have a love-hate relationship with night creams and usually tend to use my day cream just in more proportion at night for that reason. My skin doesn't like the fact that moisturisers termed as 'night' contain much more richer, complicated ingredients leading it to break out. This one on the other hand is quite different. It's not creamy or greasy at all. Containing Aloe Vera, Glycerine and Rose Geranium Essential Oil, it sinks into the skin immediately leaving it hydrated, balanced and soft.

Morning mirror analysing doesn't demonstrate any signs of dryness or dehydration meaning the cream works just as well at replenishing and nourishing skin overnight, without the hassle of oily, problematic skin in the mornings. If you have absolutely haywire, unpredictable skin like myself that can only vaguely fit under the 'combination-sensitive' criteria, then you need to give this a whirl.

It smells delish and has a unique watery texture when in contact with the skin, quite refreshing for Spring/Summer I must say! For £8.99, it's does a sterling job.