Win a Red Leather Handbag worth £85!

Leather Handbags were always in fashion but have you seen the increasing amount of leather jackets, shoes, dresses, skirts and t-shirts cropping up everywhere recently? I believe Spring/Summer 2014 we'll see a lot of leather clad fashionistas strutting the runway and high street. I personally am a huge fan of leather in almost any form whatsoever. Unless of course they are leather pants in which case I cant pull it off. 

I've also been looking for a new handbag recently and just cannot set my mind on one. My favourite selection at present is at River Island and Vanilla Paris. The bags at both these brands, especially Vanilla Paris look like the much coveted after Birkin and Chanel but around the £100 price tag. 

I do like to get inspired by seasonal trends and all that jazz but economically I feel investing in a classic staple would be more justified, only because it's less likely to go out of fashion. Although my heart yearns for those gorgeous duck blue and pastel pink arm candy, I'm planning to be sensible this time and go for a grown up classic leather handbag but with a pop of colour perhaps or may be a mock croc effect for some added texture. I'm thinking mink, indigo or tan and an elegant, structured shape. 

If you like me are lusting after a leather handbag too, you'll want to check out Vanilla Paris's Bertie collection in particular as it's a great alternative to the unaffordable Birkins. They are currently running a Giveaway on Facebook where a lush red leather handbag will be won by one lucky winner once they hit 2000 likes. A fair deal eh? Especially considering that the handbag retails around a whopping £85! 

You can like their Facebook page here: www.facebook.com/VanillaParisOnline

Fragonard Candle Cannelle Orange

Another overdue post since Christmas is regarding this gorgeous cinnamon and orange scented candle that they bought out for the festive season. Now, sadly it's not available to purchase at present I believe but if you find it cropping it up ebay or back in stock at M&S sometime, remember to quickly add it to you basket to relive some of that Christmas cheer.

Not being a fan of orange and cinnamon when it comes to home scents, this was deliciously refreshing. I for once couldn't put a finger on the fact that these two ingredients dominated the scent category. It just smells so wholesome, comforting and delicious - almost spicy and slightly citrusy. I wouldn't call it a heady Christmas scent at all. It's in fact ones that one would cherish on rainy Summer evenings as well.

With the festive period bombarding us with Christmasy scents, I felt this was most unconventional one with chic matte ceramic packaging, Parisian artwork on the outer packaging and a handful of glitter thrown on top. It seamlessly blends in with any sort of home decor and still doesn't look out of place now that Christmas is, well... almost a year away!

There's lot of other pretty bits that Fragonard do, so definitely keep an eye out on www.marksandspencer.com.


January Glossybox Wedding Edition (The BEST one ever!)

I personally always favour other beauty boxes in comparison to Glossybox. May be because it was one of the first ones in the UK to create the same US phenomenon, one just has more expectations for it as it's meant to set bench marks for other brands no? Of course, it's still a hit or a miss, more misses than hits but January's Special Edition Wedding Box was spectacular. I was left gobsmacked when I opened it as it looked outstandingly beautiful and so wedding-y. Their use of lace inspired tissue paper, the invitation card style leaflet and the abundant coral petals worked so much in their favour.

I got 6 items in the box which I was extremely pleased with as usual. Not just that, the items were super exciting and useful. Nothing. Went. Waste. Starting from the most exciting one, I now am a proud owner of a dinky Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector. As the rave reviews go, it is fabulous. You need one in your life if you haven't tried it out yet. Then we have NYX's One Night in Morocco Palette. Such gorgeous fun shades for Spring/Summer! I still can't believe there's a palette in this box. Seriously, which beauty box does that?

The chic beauty bird nail polish with a 'Yes I do' plastered on the front, the Model Co Lip gloss and Lipstick duo, Bella Pierre Mascara are all good quality, usable products from brands I hadn't heard of before, so overall they took me by a pleasant surprise. Oh and these would actually work quite well at creating a soft, romantic Spring/Summer Wedding make-up look.

Lastly, the skincare gem from Naobay and the coral bow stiletto attachments are perfect to finish off the bridal beauty box. Now all I need is a wedding to attend and I'm all set to prep and preen, hah!

The RRP of the box is £99 and it retails for £25 excluding postage. Check it out here: glossybox.co.uk/wedding-box

p.s. Will do a separate review on Naobay Moisturising & Peeling soon. Need to give it a good go first!


Mandara Spa Tropical Blooms Giveaway (5 prizes!)

I've tried out countless bath and body products from Mandara Spa and have loved every single one of them! Also, they have some of the most gorgeous selection of gift sets online at timetospa.co.uk at such great value. I personally am a huge fan of their luxe packaging and deliciously scented products. If you've never had a chance to give their products a whirl, they're kindly giving away 5 sets of the Tropical Blooms Touch of Spa collection to Get Gawjus readers, so yay us!

5 lucky winners will WIN one of the above seen set each.

Below is how you can enter. The giveaway will run for a week starting from today.

Good luck!

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Thalgo Exotic Island Body Scrub

Ooh I love this baby! You know what I like to call it? Holiday in a jar!

Now now, I haven't been to an exotic island as of yet but this surely reminds me of one a bit too much. What might help in recreating that image in my mind is the inclusion of Bora Bora Sand, Sea Salt and Coconut Shell in this delicious concoction! First off, it smells absolutely divine. Comforting, delicious and fresh. Perfect for a January pick-me-up and to give one hope that Spring/Summer isn't too far away.

Secondly, the bizarre looking mixture in the name of an exfoliator actually works pretty well at buffing and polishing that previously coat clad skin from Winter last year. If you're planning to show skin and regular exfoliators don't seem to actually slough off those dead skin cells, you need to try this as it actually makes skin look and feel brand new, however cliched that sounds.

I can see this being a regular tanner's favourite to get that golden glow spreading out seamlessly on areas such as elbows and knees.

I personally wouldn't use it every time I shower as I feel it intensely exfoliates and skin doesn't need that so regularly. Secondly, it's a little dear at £34.20 a pop so I'd rather reserve it as a special, once in a blue moon treat.

Having said that, it still resides in my shower hah! It's just too adorable to take it off there. You don't actually get any residue from the sand and coconut shells by the way. They just act as potent exfoliants. The oily base it's all immersed in also gives it that hydrating kick.



Sponsored Video: Slendertone Abs Belt

Now that Spring/Summer is on it’s way, the thought of bikini clad beaches, spray tans and sarongs doesn’t seem like a farfetched thought don’t you think? I can already sense Spring in the air (call me optimistic!) and can feel the days getting brighter and sunnier. Although Summer is my absolute favourite time of the year, it goes without saying that a part of me always dreads it as I know the trusty coats will have to go. This means facing the world with my actual body shape with a maximum of paper thin cardigan thrown on top of jeans, dresses and maxis alike and we all know how that doesn’t work as well as boyfriend wool coats at concealing unshapely figures.

In preparation, I have already started early this year. I began clean eating in April last year and have dropped down a size since then but December steered me away and now I’m back on track with few extra pounds to shift till Summer. I’m not even one for showing much skin to be honest but I’ve noticed even modest concealed clothing can easily reveal muffin tops and love handles hence I love the idea of a Slendertone Abs Belt for some much needed New Years detox and toning. I personally always had a secret trust on such fitness gadgets and believed they would show results if used alongside a realistic workout schedule and a clean eating diet.

The belt helps deliver a firmer stomach and inch loss around the waist (depending on your current shape and body type) in just 4 weeks time with it’s muscle stimulation technology! I like how it has 10 programmes including 3 cardio programmes where you can wear the belt and some stomach crunch programmes you can do whilst the slendertone as belt is on. Of course if I possess the belt, I’d personally keep it on whilst watching television and other such sedentary activity but I’m sure you’d see better results whilst working out with it or even while running or playing sports. With 20 minutes a day suggested for starters, I’d love experimenting wearing this whilst performing some kickboxing moves by Jillian Michaels.

They have a Facebook competition running between Tuesday 4th – 14th February to win a bundle Premium Abs belt and Arms Accessory if you’d like to check out!

*Post sponsored by Slendertone


Love Me Beauty January Edition

As usual it came with a tonne of splendour and didn't disappoint. I absolutely love Anatomical Body care and and this came with a funky looking body wash and that cheerful pink and yellow tube. Such a perfect one for those quirky bathroom or even long weekends away from home. Oh and it smells delicious which always helps!

The Weleda Handcream travel sized gem I've tried before and loved so was glad to receive a top-up in this box. Now this stays happily housed in my hand bag. It's seriously moisturising if you suffer from extremely chapped and dehydrated cuticles like mine.

Two pieces of makeup have made it to this months beauty box and they've made me extremely glad. One's a single eye shadow by NYX. This one comes in a glittery black shade which is always appreciated in my collection as I personally don't splurge out on such colours. Then we have a Divine Lash Mascara by Cosmetics A La Carte. I love their sleek packaging and the Mascara is wonderful!

Finally, we have a volumising mousse by Pureology. I've heard a tonne about the brand and how absolutely lovely it is but am yet to try this product in my tousled tresses. I'm sure I'll love it as long as it helps me style my hair minus the heat. Trying to lay if off a little recently. Fingers crossed this will work!

It's a steal for the price considering you get an array of full sized products including some make-up goodies. Two thumbs up.