KIKO Automatic Precision Eyeliner And Khol Set

If you're a a lover of eye liners but find the drugstore one's less pigmented or simply too overpriced for high street make-up at £7 a pop, you'll love this eye liner set by KIKO. I don't know about you but whenever I see a shade in MAC or Urban Decay and don't want to fork out a huge amount, I head over straight to KIKO in Westfield Stratford to find myself an affordable dupe. With their make-up factory like layout and an ever increasing range of products and shades, it's always likely that you'll find what you're looking for.

I personally love the selection of shades in here. Perfect for Spring Summer to come. The turquoise and the peacock blue are just spot on to replicate runway trends. Whereas the smoky grey, the carbon black and the yellow toned, flesh coloured white is of course unbeatable when it comes to brightening the lower waterline. I have recently been using it under the brows, on the tear duct, the bridge of the nose and the cupids bow for a quick highlighting session in the morning and due to it's warm toned shade and matte finish, it looks uber natural yet super effective.

If you want to bring out certain features of the eyes or simply want an eye shadow base to make you eye shadows stick on better, a flesh toned eye liner always comes handy. I know eye shadow primers have been developed for this purpose but it's been a while I'm over them and would rather prefer to multitask with other existing products that I use daily. Who wants that extra product cluttering the dresser eh?

What's also amazing is that the entire set of 5 eye liner pencils retails for £13.90! If you're just starting out with make-up and want to play around with coloured liners to see how you get on, these are a must-try before you dive into your Urban Decay and MAC's.

Get it here: www.kikocosmetics.co.uk


Jurlique Hand Care Miniature Gift Set

I know, I know. This has Christmas packaging plastered all over it and you don't want to think about the holiday period any more. But I got it during Christmas time and obviously things got hectic so I couldn't get this up on time. I believe Jurlique do quite a few other gift sets on their website and also do some hand cream trios if you're interested.

These contain Safflower Seed Oil, Macadamia Oil, Carrot Root Extract, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera making it a super food emulsion for parched hands to coat themselves into. I love how the miniature tubes come packed so beautifully in a chic and grown up packaging. Perfect for someone older, who wants to prevent their hands from screaming out their age or simply a hard working mum or a keen gardener.  I'm sure they'd dig it all, equally.

There's something about hand creams where I feel they are similar to fragrances, no one ever buys one for them self. You'll always get one in a present or just as a freebie with a skincare set or a magazine if you recall. Hence I adore when brands come up with such hand creams sets making them appear super cute and absolutely appealing.

These are of superb quality and sink into the skin quite well. They have that slight moist finish to them but I use it at night or whilst catching up on television anyway so that's not bothersome at all. It's quite an intensive treatment so don't be deceived by it's packaging, it's some seriously hard  working stuff.

Wouldn't this make the perfect non-mushy Valentine's Day present! I think so.



Melvita Ultra-Nourishing Body Balm

At this time of the year I feel a body cream is the most vital. I know people swear by body lotions and thick lush creams in December but for me personally, I feel January is a time when I need it the most. It could be the festive period taking a toll on the skin or just the extreme cold in this month compared to Christmas time.

The one I've been digging a lot lately is this gem from Melvita that is good enough to eat. Not literally, but the soft, creamy texture and the scent of it is simply delicious. It doesn't harden up as much as typical body butters is what I like about it's formula. Having said that, it's neither too soft and mousse like, in fact just the perfect consistency.

It's whipped up so well that it immediately sinks into the skin upon application and leaves it soothed and comforted. I tend to get itchy arms and legs during cold days and after hair removal and this is something I religiously resort to. It contains a tonne of oils and butters as well as organic honey which I am sure is great for dry, dehydrated skin.

If regular off the shelf body lotions don't cut it for you and still leave skin taut and itchy, you need this one in your life. It contains ingredients that help restore skin to a silky smooth, velvety finish and also help with skin cell regeneration. A natural concoction, give it a try!



Style Files: The Office Edit

I personally love to put together collages of fashion and beauty items that can be cobbled together to create a particular look hence I thought Style Files should be an occasional feature here. Today I've put together a simple, fun yet quirky office edit. January can be quite a glum period in the office as a majority of us are suffering from post-holiday blues and there's a this massive, never ending year ahead and a long list of resolutions to get by.

You can however look at January in a completely different way and start fresh! The best way to feel fabulous is to look fabulous of course and my personal favourite way to perk up a look is with mixing bright and muted colours together. This is something that's not all-out-fashionista-in-the-making or even boring plain jane - it hits middle ground of a chic sophisticate quite perfectly.

Coloured Demin Dress

First off, don't reserve denims just for trousers and experiment with denim dresses for work wear. I found this gorgeous pistachio green denim dress that can be worn on its own. The little white sleeves add an interesting fresh touch and keep it looking clean and structured. It will remind you of the Spring/Summer too which is always a good thing.

A Fur Gilet

The Sienna Beige Gilet from Vanilla Paris is something I feel office goers should embrace more often. Fur doesn't have to look OTT if you wear it correctly. The structured dress and clean colour will tone down the extravaganza of the fur gilet yet still maintaining that teensy bit of glamour. The sleeveless aspect of it makes it much more wearable and less in your face. Tres chic!

Bib Necklace & Coloured Stilettos 

The multicoloured beaded bib necklace is something that would compliment that cool tones of the dress quite well and add a touch of warmth and golden glow. The mint green stilettos won my heart from the very first glance. I was going to opt for white stilettos but then it struck me how matching stuff something  can look quite dainty and graceful. As the stilettos are quite delicate and not chunky at all, the matching aspect works quite well in line with the dress.

Mock croc leather handbag

If there's two trends that are popular in leather handbag this year, it's a glossy finish and mock crock texture. To be honest, that combination and a classic colour such as this grey Bertie can actually be a safe investment as the trend is one that doesn't show signs of dying in the near future, much like skinny jeans and ombre hair - how much ever you deny it! Also if you've got your eyes on celebrity arm candy Berkin but could never justify the atrocious pricing, Vanilla Paris do leather handbags that look so similar but with an affordable price.

Of course, I'd finish the look with a dash of coral lipstick and a pinch of dusky pink blusher.


Paula's Choice Skincare: BHA Lotion & Antioxidant Serum

I am really unsure as to why I haven't posted about these goodies from Paula's Skincare before. I mean for once I have almost finished using up both and secondly, I quite liked both of them to be honest. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging and new products make it to the top but I managed to dig this in amidst my mountain of skincare and thank goodness I did. You guys needed to know about this!

The Skin Perfecting 2% BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) Lotion to me sounds and works just as well as Alpha H Liquid Gold but with pore cleansing and blemish zapping properties. It has skin cell renewal, collagen creation, redness reduction and similar properties crammed up in the formulation. What's amazing is that it's even suitable for sensitive skin types or those suffering from acne as it helps calm down redness, irritation and help reduce acne. Apparently one of the few exfoliators you can try on skin suffering from rosacea without aggravating it.

What it is a cream that you need to slather onto the skin and then leave it on. I don't remove it and just let it absorb as that's what it says on the bottle. It's a little weird as you'd usually remove such cream-liquid exfoliators but I feel this way it absorbs in and works better and for longer. Just like Alpha H, I don't top it up with anything but you can follow it with a hydrating cream. Skin immediately looks brighter with use and although it has an awkward scent to it, it doesn't matter as it's left my skin so good afterwards.

The Skin Balancing Anti-Oxidant Serum is another product I tried and loved from Paula's Choice Skincare. It's topped up with age-fighting antioxidants that help protect skin from free radical damage which can break collagen and cause pre-mature ageing. This particular one is for skin types that want to protect skin from such environmental damage and ageing but without any extra oil production, breakout promoting ingredients. Hence this light, weightless formula is just perfect. It glides onto the skin like a dream! I personally find my skin to feel a little slippery and waxy after application hence I can't follow up with make-up. I'd reserve it for treatment evening or au natural days outside.

A great fuss free yet effective range of products from an expert in skincare, Paula's Choice is a brand UK needs to embrace more.