Neo Stem Serum for Dry Skin

I believe I have spoken about Neo Stem on this blog before, quite a while back actually when it initially released. It claims to be an age reversing skincare wonder and has been donning the aisles of Marks & Spencer Beauty Hall since then.

A highly popular and well made product, I've seen this showing dramatically visible results on the skin. I like how it works my mid 20's skin as well, making it more smooth, plump and even toned. It's meant to plump up the density of skin over time, resulting in blurred out wrinkles, expressions lines and fine lines.

You should see results after at least 2 months of use but what's special about this particular edition is that it's suitable for Dry skin. Personally I never felt their original serum was lacking in the moisture department but they have upped their standards with this one. Containing Avocado Oil, it quenches dehydrated skin whilst working it's youth promoting magic.

You can use it every single day but I'm scared I'll run out and will have to make a hefty purchase hence I reserve it for 2-3 days a week, a squirt or two slapped on whilst I catch up on my daily dose of television. Having combination skin means that I can simply get away with this without topping it up with moisturiser.

I feel simply wearing it on it's own allows it to work better throughout the night undisturbed by sometimes clashing ingredients. Skin appears absolutely gorgeous, fresh and glowing in the morning which is the best part as nothing starts off a good day than good skin!

Check it out here: www.marksandspencer.com


Conscious Skincare Soothing Hand Cream

A hand cream is a pot is sure to grab your attention! This intense concoction is developed in particular for gardeners hands - a concept you will not be familiar with until you've spent at least one entire day trimming, cutting and perfecting plants, trees and bushes alike. 

I personally have a cemented backyard which has fortunately kept my hands in decent condition but for you green hand, nature enthusiasts out there, I know the usual high street creams just don't cut the mustard. This mousse to oil turning formula contains avocado oil and geranium that will leave hands glowing and feeling hydrated and supple. 

Don't worry about getting your oily hands all over satin blouses and book pages as the formula albeit nourishing doesn't leave behind traces of greasy residue. It absorbs in almost instantly and my hands drink it up like it's some kind of a tonic. 

On the whole, you need to try this natural, organic, paraben free and cruelty free formula for sure. 

Available for an affordable £14.99 at www.conscious-skincare.com


Miners Fresh Faced Powder

So I totally ignored these babies when they popped through my letterbox a few weeks ago until I ran out of face powder and so did my mum. We both starting experimenting with this cheap as chips find just for the sake of it and surprisingly, it's fabulous!

First of all, because it's super matte. If words like 'dewy', 'radiance' and 'glow' plastered on face powders make you cringe and think 'well doesn't it defy the purpose?', then you'll absolutely dig these. It's plain, frills free powder that actually provides a good amount of coverage.

Having said that, I have come across some in the last decade which can be unforgivingly cakey looking and create that unflattering pixel like effect on the face due to how patchily they adhere to foundation. Thankfully, Miners Fresh Faced Powder also stays far away from that territory.

It works 6 plus hours at keeping any foundation in place unless you're extremely oily. For me, I only have to top up once a day. Not the most flaunt worthy packaging I've seen in drug store make-up but nonetheless worth a try, especially if you're over the Rimmel Stay Matte hype.



Sharqi Luxury Fashion & Lifestyle

Sharqi a luxury fashion and lifestyle brand from the Middle East and specialises in contemporary style. They take inspiration from Islamic culture, a middle eastern backdrop and create a modern fusion between the two genres. I love how they flag up unique illustrations that help the youth channel their individuality.

They specialise in women's wear, accessories, stationary and gift wrapping cloths. I am particularly gob smacked by their uber chic gift wrapping cloths which can then be used as a scarf or simply accessorised or decorated however you want to. Of course the receiver can choose to recycle the gift wrapping cloth but by seeing how absolutely beautiful the prints and patterns are, I personally would keep them for myself!

I also find these gift wrapping cloths are much more greener and ethical alternative than gift wrapping paper. Witnessing how paper gift wrapping was immediately binned on opening presents, there was not only so much waste of paper but also a waste of money this festive season. 2014 should be a year where we cleverly recycle and multi use products and gift wrapping is a great way to start considering Easter and Valentine's Day will very soon greet us.

Sharqi is all about modern day chic and that is reflected in their quirky and edgy yet classy and feminine range of products. It's such a fashionable brand and I can definitely see a lot of beauty and fashion bloggers dig their products.

The second thing that I fell in love with immediately were their vogue crepe t-shirts. They have a mild retre-esque vibe going on, the prints are slightly comic inspired and the illustrations are simple, bold and chic. These must be sheer, light and breathable from the look of it and I can definitely see myself pairing these with skirts and trousers in the Summer.

Their square silk scarves are also quite interesting with their quirky chain and gemstone prints and borders. Now I personally find it difficult to sport silk scarves as the prints are usually a bit too traditional and grown up for me but these are just the right amount of quirky yet wearable. I can surely see myself throwing it on top of sheer white blouses and a little black dress.

If you like vibrant colours, calligraphy and kick of middle eastern glamour, check out Sharqi's online store for some fashion inspiration. I can promise you'll have a wish-list after! I do. I am all for promoting young talent and I believe Sharqi collaborates with lots of young designers and illustrators to keep the brand fresh and unique. They are slightly more high-end so if you're tired of sporting obvious monograms and overrated designer prints when it comes to t-shirts and scarves, this might be right up your street.

Find them on Instagram: @sharqiae
Worldwide Shipping available in Etsy shop soon


Unique Capture: Milton Keynes Wedding Photographers

Are you planning to dip your feet into married life this year? If wedding bells are just around the corner, it's absolutely important to get started with preparations in advance. A to-do list, few bridal magazines, some business cards gathered from wedding shows, a detailed organiser and a trusty fleet of minions should come handy. Once you're done with booking a venue, getting the caterers sorted and having your dress short-listed, choosing a wedding photographer will be the next most daunting thing to hover upon.

I speak from experience considering I helped out in a friends sisters wedding a few months ago and how extremely difficult it was to choose a wedding photographer. We went through 100's of portfolios both on site and online, spoke to a dozen and narrowed down to a few promising ones. I felt choice is also restricted as wedding photographers tend to be super expensive in general.

I get it's a once in a life time opportunity but if you're on a tight budget, it can become difficult to squeeze in a quality wedding photographer that understands your brief and seamlessly translates it into your vision. Wedding photography needs to be a mutual thing really. You either click with the photographer or you don't! I suggest a phone conversation for sure if not a meet-up.

Unique Capture are a Milton Keynes Wedding Photographer with Chris leading his trusty team who have years of experience on hand. Having a quick look at their portfolio, I could immediately tell how professional and commercial their take on wedding photography was. Almost classic yet personal and all about capturing the best shot in a moment. I also quite like their customer-is-king philosophy and trust me, you want your wedding photographer to believe in this mantra as I've come across a fair share of cant-be-bothered ones in the past.

Unique Capture seem flexible with their packages as I see some starting with only 4 hours to a whopping 12 hours if you have an extravagant celebration in mind. Oh and also, they claim to cover only 2 weddings per month to be able to give you their full attention and concentrate on creating quality prints. Currently for January, they are offering £200 off wedding photography packages plus free pre-wedding photo shoot worth £399! I personally have always fancied the idea of a photoshoot but never really jumped on to the narcissistic bandwagon but with an offer like such, I seriously wouldn't refuse.

The offer is valid for January only so if you're planning to bite the bullet and enter into a blissful married life sometime this year, it's not only convenient to book these Buckinghamshire Wedding Photographers in advance but will also help you cut down on your wedding expenses and perhaps leave some spare cash for that beach honeymoon you've been eyeing.

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