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Starting A Blog In 2015 - The Yadas and Nadas!

Blogging tips - My two cents on making it in the blogosphere 

Get Gawjus will officially complete 6 years this December. Started in December 2008 to take stress of my overloaded brain from Law exams, I decided to get some creative juices flowing to distract my brain during breaks and voila, here we are a good few years and thousands of posts later. If you're planning to start a blog in 2015, then all I have to say is - stop thinking and just do it! It's not as daunting as it looks like and the community is simply wonderful and ever growing. Just ensure your content is something you are passionate about, written in your very own tone of voice and communicated to the right audience. 

How to turn your blog into a business

From Affiliate Marketing, google adverts to sponsored posts, product placements and working with advertising and PR agencies on projects - there's tonnes of exciting things to indulge in to commercialise  your blog. Although I would suggest don't start a blog with the very intention of banking on it as it will be pretty obvious and wont work well. If your content is good and your blog posts crop up on google, these opportunities will blend in seamlessly. Who knows, you might just be able to launch a book or a make-up line like Zoella and Tanya Burr someday. 

Domain names and web hosting services 

The two most important things you will need if you decide to start a blog or a small business of your own. Once you have these sorted, you will notice there's hardly much to do when it comes to getting your material, products and services published on the web. Of course SEO, Social Media and Advertising would follow but the most important elements of getting your work of labour out on the world wide web is pretty easy to sort out if left in the hands of professional web hosting services.

As for a domain name, I'd recommend going for something catchy if you are a blogger and for something literal and keyword-inspired if you are a planning to launch a home made soap business for instance. Bloggers are easily found by the material they regularly publish. Google will pick you up sooner or later! Hence opt for a blog name that's unique to you, something you can relate to and something you won't be embarrassed to associate with a few years down the line.

I initially wanted to name the blog 'Get Gorgeous' but as the domain name wasn't available to purchase, I went ahead with the slightly altered version. When I was a teenager and was growing up in India in the 90's, a 'hip' channel at the time used to run a show named 'get gorgeous' where they gave girls such lovely makeovers. I was quite obviously a fan and since then had the name plastered in my memory.

Here's hoping to see truck loads of new blogs in 2015 - I look forward to reading you all.

Rakhshanda Rizvi said...

Congratulation Shifa for six year blogging. Wish you more success for you! Kisses <3

Hell Notes For Beauty said...

This was very helpful and encouraging. I've followed you for a long time and you never fail to deliver, happy blog birthday!

Get Gawjus - Shifa said...

Thank you ladies, so very kind of you :)




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