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Clinique Aromatics in White Eau De Parfum

If I had a fragrance library, Clinique Aromatics in White EDP would surely go in the 'recreate Autumn' category. Being all things warm, amber-like and musky - it plays subtly yet successfully with your senses. There is a sense of clean, crispness married with an aura of mature femininity. 

Clinique's latest offering in the aroma department does not fail to impress as always and can definitely be seen climbing the status of the new 'cult-favourite'. The notes help preserve the feel of festivities and Winter whilst helping one transition gradually towards Spring. It's quite a spicy scent and is great if you are looking to add some variety into your fragrance wardrobe. I particularly love such unique, quirky scents to layer with. 

If you like yourself a warm, spicy scent that's woody and not too girly and sweet, then this will be right up your street. It screams mature, elegant and classy when it comes to a quick description. Apparently a lot of people smell rose on spraying this beaut on but somehow my senses are completely left out as I do love rose but I guess it depends on how it reacts with body chemistry. 

Overall, it is different from it's original version so do test it out if you're looking to update your collection. Comparatively I'd say it's more wearable, easily likeable with no sharp edges. 

Usually such scents are not my cup of tea but this baby wins brownie points for it's fluid blend of ingredients.





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