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DHC Pore Cleansing Oil

DHC is a brand most familiar with their skincare and most of all their cleansing concoctions which are a backstage and make-up artist favourite. I have always loved their Deep Cleansing Oil which comes in a clear bottle but with their latest release, they have really upped their game and come out victoriously in the skin scrubbing department.

Compared to the Deep Cleansing Oil, the Pore Cleansing Oil is considerably less oily, meaning perfect for combination skin tones who want a deep clean. It doesn't leave behind a greasy film at all. I also feel the oils used in here are gorgeous for the skin such as avocado, coconut, grape seed, olive and so on. Having tested it on a full cakey face of make-up, it victoriously dissolved layers of foundation, concealer, lipstick and mascara.

For a double cleanse, slap it on the skin one more time for some squeaky clean action. I am not sure how it's worked in making my pores look smaller but it's surely done a sterling job at keeping breakouts and skin inflammations at bay. It's light, serum to oil like formula makes it a perfect contender all year around. It's gentle, suitable for sensitive skin and surprisingly potent at the same time.

For £25 a pop, I think Caroline Hirons would approve? 





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