Fendi Furiosa

The scent is floral, woody and warm to cut to the chase. It's sweet, refreshing, comforting yet sexy and elegant. You can wear it during daytime but it's sophistication calls for spraying it on during those decadent evenings or date nights when you need something that stands out from the crowd. Furiosa means 'feisty' and the gold and sparkling yellow combination shapes that image up perfectly. The bottle has been designed by jewellery designer Delfina Delettrez who is actually from the Fendi lineage herself. 

Top notes are Bergamot and Pink Pepper, Middle notes are Wallflower, Jasmine and Gardenia and Base notes are Amber, Incense and Guaiac Wood. What I can smell distinctively is the Pink Pepper, Jasmine and Amber, which are all my favourite notes fortunately!

As claimed by the brand, the fragrance is all things wild and feminine. It has notes that will empower, ooze out confidence and make you feel bold whereas more softer notes that will embody the colder weather and compliment the festivities around the corner. With abundant of gift ideas out there, gifting a scent has always been my favourite option. It's special in a way as it encourages you to put thought in the gift option and find something unique and identifiable for the recipient. At the same time, it's luxury and classic appeal means you'll hardly ever go wrong. 

If you've got a fussy lady to shop for this Christmas, give this baby a sniff regardless of the recipient's age and you might just have one present sorted from the gazillion on your list. Thank me later yo

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