Organic Surge Sweet Blossom Body Cream

First off, lets get straight to describing the scent of this. It's sweet and feminine yet fresh and energetic. Whether you like subtle, nutty scents or zesty citrusy scents, this is the perfect amalgamation of both of these. I would describe this as my end of Summer-beginning of Autumn favourite. Nothing too rich and goopy or too light and easily absorbable. Although it's not greasy at all, it leaves behind a nice veil of hydration that lets your skin constantly look and feel nourished. Don't worry, it won't ruin your satin blouses or chiffon skirts! The texture of this is so freaking dreamy. No hard body butters to melt, just pure satiny deliciousness. The tub is lightweight and travel friendly and is a gorgeous one to indulge in to prolong a post-holiday tan. For £7.50, it's a steal!

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