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Looking Great for your Next Fancy Dress Party

Looking good in fancy (hello Halloween!) dress doesn’t have to be a task and a half. In fact, with a little forethought and some preparation you can be sure that you’ll look stylish, attractive and a little bit sexy too. Red Star Fancy Dress has provided a number of fabulous tips for ladies who wish to look great when dressing up for their next occasion – so let’s take a closer look.

Less is moreRemember that less is more; this is not just the case for fancy dress, but for normal attire too. Far too many people get carried away when it comes to bearing a little more than usual for a fancy dress party.

It’s always worth remembering that showing less, is often the way to look more attractive. Fancy dress for school, college, parties or Halloween should be as much about looking stylish and elegant as anything else and by following some basics you can ensure you do. Even with fancy dress the same rules apply. Simply put, choose between a high hem or a low cut top – never both.

Makeup MattersThe makeup you wear for fancy dress is almost as important as the costume itself. Even though there’s plenty of costume makeup available out there, you need to remember to consider your skin first and foremost.

Cheaper, fancy dress makeup can cause all sorts of problems for the skin and though it may achieve the desired effect, it’s often worthwhile paying a little more. Bright colours such as red or cosmetic textures such as glitter can sometimes trigger sensitivity issues with the eye area. Be sure to deep cleanse and treat your skin afterwards too, as otherwise you could end up with issues from such dramatic makeup.

WigsConsider a wig for fancy dress – it can look great and help you really achieve the desired effect without having to get your hair done. A quick fix to amp up the drama! Perfect if you're planning to replicate a Barbie, Smurfette, Lady Gaga or 'Khaleesi' from Game of Thrones look. If you don’t want to wear a wig, then it’s often worthwhile considering a hat as part of the costume. It can be a lifesaver – especially if the party goes on a little later.

Consider the themeSome parties are quite closed in terms of theme, meaning you have to think a little bit outside of your usual comfort zone. However, there’s generally still always plenty of scope for a great costume. Currently 80s parties and 1920s Bonnie and Clyde gangster like parties are very popular for one reason or another – fortunately both offer the chance to look great and dress up in a fun and elegant fashion.

GroupsDressing up as a group with your friends is often a great idea and also can look great at a fancy dress party. The fact every one of your friends is in the same clothing can be a very freeing thing and allow you to feel a lot more comfortable with your choice of costume. It can also be a great way to get ideas, share tips and will ensure you make a big impact on the fancy dress party.

Why not take these tips into account for your next fancy dress appearance and you can be certain you will look stylish and attractive, and most importantly have a lot of fun!

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