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Hand Chemistry Hyaluronic Concentrate For Hands & Body

Just like Hyaluronic Acid for the face, Hand Chemistry have come up with a formula that's equally good for the hands and body. Who would have thought eh? With hands being the first part of the body to give away ones age via wrinkly skin, it's amazing that we now have something that's more advanced than your run off the mill, vitamin E enriched hand creams. Unlike other ingredients, hyaluronic acid works under the surface of the skin to improve hydration over time. It's naturally found in our bodies but decreases as we age and this is the perfect way to replenish hyaluronic acid levels in the body. It also acts like a magnet for any sort of body oils, lotions and potions that we slather on top, making them last incredibly longer. I particularly love the pump dispenser bottle as it makes the task of applying it after every hand wash much easier. It's quickly become a bathroom staple as it absorbs in quickly, almost like a hand sanitiser, leaving behind no greasy residue at all. I cannot tell a difference in the skin on my hands and body as of yet but I have firm believe that the potent 19% formula is acting actively as an anti-ageing measure, preventing me from having crinkly hands in the future. I am also tempted to slap it on my face due to ease of application. Might as well isn't it? Not that the molecules will know where they are being applied eh!


Unknown said...

Never thought about this for the hands! Def worth it as signs of aging always appears on the hands first.




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