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Would you climb Kilimanjaro?

Sunset from Kilimanjaro

I would!

Although I haven't been on very many adventures in my life, I definitely feel I would be able to do this physically and mentally. Kilimanjaro is one of the tallest free standing mountains in the world and the most accessible summit. Plus it gives one a chance to explore the white beaches, surreal landscape and exciting wildlife in Tanzania. Always a plus after a rewarding mountain climb eh

The climb approximately takes 6-7 days and costs around £1300 including flight tickets, just what your typical 7 day trip to almost any country would cost. Of course the costs would vary based on whether you choose to do an open climb or a private climb but if it would be me, I'd surely opt for the private option as it would allow me to choose a personal porter, opt for a personalised route and upgrade to a fabulous hotel.

Plus not being the most congenial person in the world, huge groups, random people and a high altitude wouldn't be the perfect mix for me. I would love to climb Kilimanjaro with friends and family but seeing how they even refuse to board on a cruise with the fear of it 'hitting an iceberg', I guess I would have the plan the climb with my boyfriend whenever I do. Apparently, it's one of the easiest mountains to climb from what I've heard from colleagues, with a huge success rate. 

Unlike other mountain climbing expeditions, you're not expected to be a pro at Jillian Michael's 30 day shred workout dvd's but simply be able to indulge in regular cardio and strength training without fainting! Not bad no? With temperatures hardly varying throughout the year as the mountain is near the equator, all you'd need is some decent mountain gear, the right amount of determination, sufficient stamina and voila! 

The only varying factor is the rain which you would have to plan your trip around. If you don't mind a little bit of drizzle, even November and December are not bad months to climb Kilimanjaro at all, with the perks of a less busy period on the mountain and cheaper flight tickets. If money is no barrier, then September and October are the best months to plan your trip in terms of the dry weather and an enthusiastic crowd to keep you going. 

I've always been fascinated with East African countries and their wildlife and this dormant volcanic mountain comes with an opportunity to spot over a whopping 140 species! Sounds like the perfect adventure holiday to me. After making myself mentally ready to scuba dive in Mykonos when I head over there soon, I feel this should be on my travel-list to accomplish in the next few years. Lets start with snorkeling shall we? But if you're a more adventurous person than me and have crossed off most adventures from your bucket list, this will be right up your street! 


Rock without a reason said...

I have a fear of heights but I would definitely give it a go, if I could do it at my own pace. With a personal porter of course. ;)




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