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Thread Veins: Causes & Treatment

Tiny veins under the skin when become dilated can be called Thread Veins. As we grow older, our skin starts becoming more thinner and fragile and these blood vessels under the skin can start to become much more obvious.

Although not a serious condition as such, thread veins can look unsightly and can cause cosmetic concerns in most women and men who usually find it difficult to conceal with cosmetic make-up. Now they can form due to a couple of reasons such as being overweight, sun exposure, smoking, during or after pregnancy due to increased level of oestrogen or simply genetics. These are usually found on the face on legs, around the calves or thigh area and on the face, around the nose and cheek area. 

Just like dark circles, acne scars and hyperpigmentation, thread veins and spider veins can be extremely tricky to cover. Mostly reddish in colour with a blue or purple hue to them, your usual drugstore concealer will not be enough to provide sufficient coverage.

Such skin conditions would need an industrial concealer used for stage make-up and by make-up artists. One which is highly opaque, does not budge and looks natural in daylight. Vichy Dermablend, Laura Mercier, MAC and NARS are one of the few brands where one can easily find a heavy duty concealer to combat the issue of thread veins temporarily.

leg thread veins - before & after 

Having said that, you will need to have a really good hand at make-up to be able to conceal thread veins. For those amongst us who aren't particularly great at such precise and professional make-up application, there are thread veins treatments available out there which can help them disappear completely.

If you are suffering from broken capillaries and red spider veins on the face, a cautery laser treatment is now available to remove any redness. As for the highly visible thread veins on the legs, injectable treatment called sclerotherapy are available to combat the reddish blue marks on the skin. 

Overall results are complete removal of thread veins, broken capillaries and spider veins. Skin looks healthy, glowing and flawless! Perfect if you are planning to show some skin this Summer. There won't be any reason you cannot flaunt those flawless legs in shorts and bikinis when on exotic getaways.

As for the face, with age and our current hectic lifestyle, we are any way dealing with hyperpigmentation, acne scars, blemish marks, dark circles and uneven skin tone as common skin problems. The last thing we need is these pesky thread veins to deal with. Thread vein removal treatments carried out by Dermatologists in a medical setting is safe and affordable, with prices starting at £160 for areas on the face and £250 for areas on the legs. 




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