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Laser Eye Surgery - Why you need to get it done!

Apparently contact lenses or prescriptive glasses will never be able to achieve the same precision of objects, people, nature and this beautiful compared to the naked eye. Whether you suffer from near sightedness, far sightedness or astigmatism, Laser Eye Surgery is the only corrective eye surgery that will make you see the world clearly again sans glasses or contact lenses. I personally have been wearing glasses since I was in year 8 and trust me that was a freaking long time ago. I still remember the dilemma I had as a teenager of whether to wear glasses or skip them completely when not needed.  To fool people of my vision and of course to avoid wearing hideous metal frames available back in the days. Like most people, prescriptive glasses never suited me and I resorted to contact lenses. Being obsessed with make-up and colours since that age, I had to choose myself a funky pair of coloured prescriptive lenses, which although made me look half decent, were extremely inconvenient to wear whilst reading in class for hours. 

Overtime however, I got used to contacts and glasses and varying between them quite skilfully. Up to now I do the same ritual quite religiously, depending on whether it's a long day at work or a fancy wedding. With Michael Kors and Chanel now donning my vanity when it comes to prescriptive glasses, its of course fun to wear glasses but nothing compared to how I enjoyed life pre-prescription. If you are a beauty blogger or even an ardent make-up wearer like myself, you will know how absolutely annoying it is with all that foundation clogging around the bridge of the nose where the glasses sit. The occasional slap of powder around the area does help abit but nonetheless come summer, it becomes one hot mess with the area usually being congested and suffering from breakouts. Gross but true story! As for contact lenses, I cannot fault them as much as glasses but they have triggered a migraine on more than a few occasions. 

I was absolutely petrified of and against Laser Eye Surgery until my sister got it done recently and it made me look at it through a completely different lens. When someone close to you goes through an eye surgery as such, you obviously get a much detailed account of what happened, allowing you to make a well informed decision. What I extracted from the sisters information overload was that it was slightly painful after the Laser Eye Surgery for a good 6 to 8 hours, where she was almost unable to open her eyes. Once this period passes, all's well and you return back to normal in a couple of days. As for the Laser Eye Surgery itself, the part of keeping your eyes open for long is the only part where discomfort strikes and that's about it. No pain absolutely during the surgery itself!

Of course being her overcautious self she wore sunglasses for over a month after surgery, every single day, to protect eyes from unexpected splashes of water, bouts of sunshine or sprinkling of dust. Doctors however only recommend you wear it for a week after the surgery I believe. You will have to part with a couple of grand undoubtedly as the permanent corrective eye procedure is expensive but seeing how absolutely brilliant the sister looks and feels sans glasses and contacts, it's absolutely unbelievable why I haven't chosen the convenient route as of yet. 

Laser Eye Surgery Hub is a great place to start if you are hopelessly trying to look for a good Laser clinic online. All it needs is your name, number, email and postcode. Once that's keyed it, 3 Laser Eye Surgery Clinics in your area will get in touch with you providing quotes. You can also book a free consultation to ask your burning questions and put your hesitant self at ease. Depending on how things go from there, you can get yourself booked into a clinic of your choice and voila!

Unknown said...

Where did you get it done? And your sister?

I have been considering it and have had numerous calls from Optical Express about my suitability. Its not cheap!

So tempted now after reading your honest assessment..

Unknown said...

Where did you and your sister get it done? I have had numerous calls from Optical Express about my suitability. Its not cheap though!

So tempted now after reading your honest assessment...





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