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Holiday Checklist: What Type of a Packer Are You?

Holiday packing is much more than only loading your suitcases and travelling bags with various belongings. In fact, it requires much more thinking, concerned with what you may take with yourself on your trip and what you may leave behind. To save yourself any probable troubles on your holiday, you might want to spend sufficient time mulling which of your belonging should accompany you.

Packers may be classified into various types, based on their attitudes and preferences. You may be a last-minute packer or an organised packer. Below stated are a few categories of packers that you may go through and identify what kind of a packer are you.

Last-Minute Packer
Do you find yourself cramming your belongings into your suitcases till the last minute before you leave for the airport? Is packing always a haphazard procedure for you? Do you always find yourself unprepared before you are to leave for your trip? If so, then you surely are a last-minute packer. Last-minute packers delay the task, as long as they can, and always find themselves unprepared for travelling.

As a last-minute packer, you may consider carrying a compact cross-body bag to bear all your essentials that you might have the chance of forgetting behind. A bigger in size holdall bag might also come in handy so that you may throw in all the items you feel you might be needing on your trip, on the last minute. you may also carry a portable Stainless Steel Callous Shaver, that may easily fit your luggage due to its small size and help with keeping feet looking flawless and smooth on your adventurous walking expeditions.

Organised Packer
Most of the organised packers find prioritising, assembling and arranging their belongings for a holiday trip much more enjoyable than a last-minute packer ever would. Packing for them is a part of the vacation that they are looking forward to.

As an organised packer, you are more than prepared to board the flight for your much-awaited vacation. It is more than probable that you might carry a pre-written luggage tag, having your name, address and contact details. Giving attention to details, you are likely to have items like, a passport cover and a travel makeup brush set with individual brushes for different purposes and a wallet with various sections containing all the required valuables, never wanting to run out of your needful essentials.

Under-packers are light packers. To them, less is more. They hate the idea of having to carry any extra luggage and travel with as fewer belongings as possible. As an under-packer, you might be more comfortable in carrying around a single bag, an even smaller wristlet while you are on your vacation and the multi-purpose Fine Pointed Tweezer with a Mirror for on the go peach fuzz emergencies. Don't pretend you've never had such an emergency before!

If you are never able to make up your mind about what items you would want to have with you on your holiday and prioritizing belongings is always a difficult task, then you are an over-packer. Never able to decide what you might be needing, you pack whatever you get your hands on and find appealing enough.

Your luggage may be comprised of a large trunk and unnecessary items like a hat and a hat bag, no matter what your holiday destination is. Your luggage may also include numerous clothing options and jewellery items like an assortment of cocktail rings for dressy evenings with the girls or a romantic night out with your other half. Fashion rings are the best accessory to take with your on a holiday as they can look chic, elegant and feminine, add a dash of oomph and sparkle to your outfit, all without doing the fashion overkill.

Cindy Khor said...

I'm definitely a last-minute over packer with everything squished into my luggage. Very inefficient indeed. But I'm blessed with a bf who helps with the packing (very organized and manage to squish tons into my minuscule luggage).




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