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Finding the latest deals for Superdry!

I love Superdry as a brand! They are the more tame version of American Apparel in my opinion. Less vulgar and more appropriate for teenagers. Having said that, I've spotted quite a few young men and women of all ages rocking a classic Superdry tee so it's not particularly aimed at one particular age group on my opinion. 

Especially for Summer, I've been eyeing their women's t-shirts and swimwear, perfect for some festival frolicking and beach lounging. I personally have a lot of River Island stash in my wardrobe but that can be a bit too girly and dressy at times. Superdry is the perfect way to play it effortlessly cool on getaways whilst still looking like you've made an effort. 

It hits the perfect combination between playing it cool and keeping it looking casual and laid back. The prints on their men's and women's t-shirts are always so fresh, modern and young! With a fleet of Hollywood A-listers loving Superdry and flaunting it on their off-duty days sans make-up and dolled up hair, it's become a rage amidst the casual fashionista on the street as it's one of the few pieces of celebrity fashion that's affordable and easily accessible online. 

To find the latest deals for Superdry, click here. They also do some absolutely adorable skirts now which I have been drooling over since a while. Now, I'm not a skirt type of gal at all but the brand's range is not typically feminine or overtly Barbie like. Their prints, materials and shapes are wearable and almost tom-boyish if that makes any sense. The ones you see fashion bloggers experiment with! 

If you're a newbie to Superdry like myself and want to try out their entire range or are an ardent fan and want to update wardrobe pieces for the new season, check out this page for discounts and vouchers codes.  

Unknown said...

I absolutely love some of the stuff Superdry are coming out with at the moment. They have some really lovely summer pieces! I am in love with their skirts too! x

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