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A little ramble on Nail Dryers

Not a typical topic to write about on this blog but today I shall be rambling on a little about Nail Dryers. Why oh why do we not have these convenient devices at home? It just makes salon manicures and pedicures so much more quicker and efficient. One of the main reasons I despise doing my nails at home is the amount of time it takes for nail paint to dry, let alone if I attempt to do acrylic or gel nails at home, which seriously would be a big mess without these life saving gadgets. 

Not a new invention at all, it's just something I wish every salon would have (yes I've been to a few where they would finish off with a top coat and cross their fingers so it doesn't smudge) and perhaps even a few households where nail bloggers reside. These nail dryers take a minute or two per hand to dry and set a manicure and perhaps a minute or two more if you've opted for acrylic or gel nails. Are the UVA rays in these harmful? -  is something I came across a lot whilst reading on them. Apparently the amount of UVA light, between 3 to 10 watts emitted by these nail dryers are not of enough concern compared to that of 2400 watts for instance in a tanning bed. *gulps* 

If you want to be super cautious, invest in a water resistant SPF for the hands and apply in an hour before your manicure if you will. 

I love the fact that these nail dryers available these days are light-weight, energy saving and easily portable. Plus the ones I have my eyes on are heart shaped and pink! I mean seriously, those two points have sealed the deal for me. I also quite like the look of this finger nail dryer which has a smaller slot than usual to dry individual nails. I guess that would be perfect for detailed and intricate mani's that have a lot of time and effort put into them and require individual drying time. 

Do you have a Nail Dryer at home? Would you invest in one? I am tempted after my last few nail salon visits. With tonnes of new nail paint releases this season, I am slowly but steadily getting into the routine of switching up my nail colour every few days. 

Unknown said...

You should try Seche Vite! its a top coat, i used to get my nails re-painted inbetween infills because they just never looked as good when i painted them at home. But this stuff is amazing, the colour doesnt need to be completely dry when you apply it and it dries it hard in seconds. its more expensive than a normal top coat but i think they sell it cheap on amazon these days.
ps. i will be trying grow gorgeous now!




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