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Top Models of 2014 Who Rock The Social Media

Celebrities and Social Media go hand in hand these days, with each complementing the other quite amazingly. There have been quite a few instances when a particular celebrity has posted something on tumblr and hiked the platforms popularity by leaps and bounds. And there have been those occasions when a handful of celebrities have found fame due to certain social media platforms. Hence it’s an interesting relationship between the two. Few weeks ago, UKModels published an infographic about top models in social media and having worked in social media for a few years now, I personally found it quite interesting.

Of course it helps that I am also obsessed with the models, making the information all the more interesting. Tyra Banks seems to top the list with more than 6 million Facebook fan following and a whopping 11.3 million Twitter followers. With her uber popular show America’s Next Top Model coming back for a runin August, it’s not surprising that the supermodel diva has such a huge online following and is leading the pack. Her twitter is really interesting as unlike many Hollywood celebs, it doesn’t seem run by a PR intern but rather typed straight from her phone. With no-makeupselfies to inspiring quotes, the lady is every bit of fun to follow.

Adriana Lima is second on the list according to UKModels with an impressive 5.4 million Facebook fans and it’s no surprise considering the Brazilian beauty has been in the glamour world since almost a decade now and has been working with huge brands such as Victoria’s Secret and Maybelline. Her short, realistic tweets (mostly in Portuguese), posting promotional videos for unreleased campaigns and high fashion shots are quite a hit on both Facebook and Twitter amidst fans.

Their research also found Heidi Klum to be one of the models dominating social media platforms and why wouldn’t she? At 41, the blonde beauty is what every mom inspires to look like at that age. A popular television host and established model, it’s fun to have a peek into the supermodels life as she posts magazine covers of her from the past, holiday photos with her children and images of her svelte figure giving fans the much needed fitness inspiration.

Next in the line is model Gisele Bundchen, recently in the news for her day wage of £75,000 revealed, not shocking us at all to find out her 1.8M twitter followers and more than 4 million Facebook fans. On the whole, the list found by UKModels is quite predictable seeing the popularity and fame of these models amidst their loyal fan following.

Social Media has become quite a handy tool when it comes to keeping a close eye on the lives of these celebrities, especially if you aspire to become a model someday in the future. Unlike scripted reality television and PR written interviews, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook provide an uncut version of these models lives which was never possible before. Updated by them, it’s almost like a direct connection between them and the fans and something that should grow with time as the years pass by.




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