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Mild Scalp Psoriasis and Dry Scalp Tips

Summer can mean the delicate scalp area can go through a lot of drying and dehydration. All those hours of being out in the sun, unprotected sans a hat or a cap, without a scalp SPF can trigger the scalp to become extremely dry. Sometimes this can result in dry patches, redness, tendency to itch quite often, dandruff and mild Psoriasis. 

Psoriasis, if you are unaware, is a condition of the body where it tends to product more skin cells than actually needed. This is what causes a build up of dead skin cells on the scalp, which can lead to chapped, flaky skin, mild hair loss and just general discomfort. Although the sun has no direct connection to triggering Psoriasis, our bodies are quite unique and it's really difficult to tell how it will react to certain extreme weather conditions such as the heatwave we have in UK recently. The humidity and lack of moisture in the air can worsen such scalp conditions by adding more greasiness to the mess. 

What you can firstly do is to invest in scalp SPF. However excessive it may sound, in addition to face and body sunscreen, the extremely fragile scalp area needs protection from the harmful sun rays too especially when it's the first area on our bodies to be exposed by the sunlight. Non-greasy, water-resistant formulas these days can make sure we make no excuses when it comes to hair styling whilst donning scalp sunscreen. Simply massage a thin layer before heading out in daylight and half of the scalp conditions will simply not be triggered at all!

Secondly, incorporate a bit of salicylic acid in your haircare regime. Most people mistake haircare for only taking care of the split ends whereas the actual process of growing healthy, luscious locks starts right from the scalp. It's important to work towards keeping your roots healthy and the rest will fall into place itself. A dry scalp and mild psoriasis can actually be helped with a topical exfoliant that will help unclog the scalp, slough of dead skin cells and allow healthy hair growth. 

As for itching and mild dandruff, steering clear of shampoos and conditioners with a lot of chemicals and soap is a must to control the scalp condition. Resorting to E45 or Neutrogena T Gel Shampoos or something more natural, hydrating and organic will be your best bet for a sensitive scalp that needs just the right amount of exfoliation and moisture. Although finding a good hair salon is difficult, if you do come across one you like, indulge in regular hair cuts to take some weight off your scalp and prevent mild hair loss and breakage. Hair salons are also a great place to indulge in a hair steam and mask once a month to detoxify the tresses and unclog the scalp.




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