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Heel Chemistry Heel Hydration Complex

With building work going on at my home since the last few weeks, all that dusty floors, dry air and grubby floors have had a toll on my feet. They feel extremely dehydrated, chapped, flaky and lack-lustre. The problem is that it's Summer now which equals sandals, boots and flats exposing more bare skin. 

I personally cannot be bothered to research in and invest into foot creams. They are least glamorous to buy on my shopping list and there's simply nothing that got me interested in them. Unless of course, there came out Heel Chemistry. From the makers of Hand Chemistry, the anti-ageing, superbly hydrating hand cream that we all went gaga over, this beaut has just been released at the perfect time so we all can enjoy party perfect feet in those skin baring, strappy gladiators or even flip flops at the beach. 

I believe the formula of this is pretty much the same as Hand Chemistry, just marketed a little differently for use on the feet. Scientific part aside, the formula for me is simply super effective, almost a guaranteed skincare gem to fall back on when you want to treat the flakiest of feet. It fills in lines, replenishes moisture, gets rid of chapped bits (with the help of an exfoliator) and coats feet in a veil of nourishment and protection for hours. 

It also helps a bit with plumping the skin on the feet for those obsessed with anti-ageing and smooth skin. Slap on lightly during the day and strut around in cotton socks to preserve the moisture and prevent disturbing the process. Or like me, coat a generous layer on at night time and let it work it's magic whilst you snooze. 




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