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Hair Loss Supplements - How to find the perfect one

Hair loss is a difficult issue to deal with. It's a two way sword with sufferers taking extreme stress and anxiety due to the hair condition and that resulting in worsened hair loss. I guess it's the inability to rely on a particular hair growth product that's usually the main reason for all this stressing. I personally suffered from minor hair loss due to psoriasis and the situation was so helpless until I found the right products to stop it. Of course topically applied medicine can help to an extent but what I found was that consistent diet high in vitamins, folic acid and antioxidants paired with effective hair supplements were the key to getting hair loss to stop gradually but surely. 

I also found that genuinely well researched online resources on hair loss were few and the only ones that I could trust were those written by bloggers who were willing to share their personal experience of the journey. I came across a similar blog recently and was hooked there for hours on evenings with a cuppa. It's called nomorehairloss.org and is written by Emily who herself suffered from severe hair loss post-pregnancy. One can immediately tell from her work that a lot of research has gone into it. In particular her section on hair loss supplement comparison. 

Now there's huge debate regarding these on hair loss forums with people writing paragraphs raving or trashing a particular brand. The problem that arises in this situation is that these forum users have usually only dealt with one or two hair loss supplements at the most, which is never enough to base your opinion on. Like everything else, hair loss is also quite an individual issue and what works for someone may not work for you at all. 

Emily of nomorehairloss.org on the other hand has tried a whopping 13 hair loss supplements, the most talked about in the market. On her article titled '13 Hair Loss Supplements Compared', it's quite interesting how she's compared all thirteen in an easy to digest manner, with their pros and cons and why they did or didn't work for her. Her article is quite educating especially if you are someone who easily gives into hype and big brand names such as Inneov, Pantagor and Priorin, which according to Emily, are overpriced and under deliver. The unsung hero's of the hair growth process are Amitamin Hair Plus and Hair Vitalics by The Belgravia Center. 

Her thoughts on Amitamin Hair Plus review are fabulous but in short, it contains 21 researched ingredients, is free of artificial colours and flavours and comes in at £.061 pence/day making it affordable, effective and the perfect choice for those who want to trigger hair growth. Whether you're suffering from post-pregnancy hair loss, alopecia, hereditary hair loss, diffuse hair loss or circular hair loss, check out Emily's Amitamin Hair Plus experience




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