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Organic Surge Gardeners Hand Scrub & Hand Cream

Who's guilty of ignoring those hard working hands when it comes to providing them  some TLC? *both hands up*.  I shall blame the lack of exciting products out there that simply don't keep me engaged for consistent use. Hence when Organic Surge introduced their Gardeners range, I did get up my from my seat to take a good peek at it. The hand scrub is ingenious. Why wasn't there one before in every Superdrug and Boots eh? 

We use our hands the most, even more than our faces but still all we have to exfoliate them is the option of an expensive salon manicure or a good old body scrub. The fact that Organic Surge have bravely plastered 'hand scrub' over this duck egg green tub is enough to sell it to me for it's novelty. It stays near my sink now and bemuses guests when they scoop out some and end up loving it. I used it for an at-home mani that I like to indulge in occasionally and this worked wonders for it. 

The formula is gentle yet has the right amount of grains in it to slough off dead skin cells and reveal visibly radiant and softer skin. It's so convenient to use due to the tub format and now every other day I spend a minute or two, massaging my hands away with this baby. The hand cream on the other hand, albeit not as innovative an idea as it's counterpart, is nonetheless a gorgeous option to slap on after using the hand scrub. 

It smells fresh and therapeutic and cocoons hands in a layer of hydration that lasts for hours without the need of topping up. Having said, there isn't a speck of greasiness involved which makes me a happy bunny. Now I'm not a gardening person at all. I can't tell one plant from another for the life of me but somehow end up with hands and fingers that look like I've been digging away the entire day. If you suffer from chapped, rough, parched hands like myself, gardener or not, you'll need this by your bedside or sink. 

Anonymous said...

What a lovely set of products!

Emma x




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