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How to Stimulate Natural Hair Growth

Scalp Massage. The rhythmic movement of fingers tapping on the scalp is the most easy and convenient way to get blood flow directed slowly but surely towards the scalp. Increased blood flow and oxygen flow can help kick start dormant follicles and slow hair growth, as blood hardly reaches the scalp when not indulging in a scalp massage. A great one for those with normal, dense hair who simply want to speed up hair growth. 

Derma Roller. This handheld device with needles is meant to trigger hair growth by stimulating hair follicles. Particularly useful for those who are suffering from bald patches, receding hairline and wide parting as rolling the device to and fro, diagonally can help with stimulating natural hair growth. As always, causing  'trauma' to the scalp area causes blood flow and oxygen supply to rush through the are like never before promoting better hair growth. 

Hair Mask & Steam. Steam is another way to open up hair follicles and allow haircare products to actually penetrate into the scalp to deliver results. A good old hair steam on the scalp area can help reduce congestion of follicles due to using shampoos, conditioners and other hair styling products, allowing the scalp to breathe. Followed by a nourishing or clearing hair mask, scalp can be rejuvenated and energised for thicker and faster hair growth. Particularly useful salon treatment for those with scanty, limpy hair.

Cleansing/Clarifying Shampoos. Product build-up can indirectly have a negative impact on hair growth. Months of using shampoos containing harmful chemicals can cause a build-up not only on your tresses but also clog up your scalp. This can prevent hair from growing as effectively and quickly as it would otherwise. Just like how skin needs to be cleansed, similar hair strands and follicles need to be clarified. 

Haircut. Something as simple as a professional salon haircut can take the weight off your scalp. If you suffer from excessive hair fall, a good old haircut can help lighten those locks and allow more movement and flexibility. A haircut can have a massive effect on how much stress you are putting on your scalp. Opt for layers and feathers that will help reduce hair fall and consequently improve hair  growth. 




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