Essential Travel Makeup Brushes for Summer

Summer is the ultimate time when most of us will be travelling. Be it for music concerts, festivals, exotic holidays, seeing friends & family abroad or simply some off-duty time to relax and rejuvenate for the year ahead. Whatever the case, if you're a women, you will know it's extremely difficult it is to pack clothes, accessories, shoes and let alone make-up! With so much stash gathered through out the year, it's impossible and almost unfair for the women-kind to select what bits to leave behind. And if you've got make-up sorted, it's the dreaded decision of choosing what makeup brushes to pop into your travel bag. The issue I face almost every time I try to pack is that my make-up brush handles are a bit too big to fit into a travel case. Heck even the brush hairs are so full and fluffy that I can hardly get them to squeeze in. 

Hence my decision to indulge in a travel make-up brush set that's made to behave compact and fit in even your dinky handbag if need be. The one I have is from glowbeautyshop.com and comes in a set of 12 make up brushes. They aren't exactly short handled but short enough to fit into the leather like mock croc case it comes with. I like that the brushes are a mix of synthetic and goat hairs so you get the best of both worlds in case you need to work with different textures. There's a good few synthetic brushes that I found quite useful for a slap of eye shadow and some precise concealing under the eyes. Eye brow and eye liner needs are also fulfilled with two precise brushes that do a good job at concentrating colour in a certain area. 

I wish the concealer brush variations were few as they are kind of similar to each other and instead could have been replaced by different shaped brushes. But besides that, I cannot fault the brush set. The goat hair brushes are soft and flexible, perfect for bronzer, powder, highlighter and blusher. I love the fact that the brush hairs aren't too flimsy but the right amount of soft for spot-on application. The addition of a duo fibre stippling brush is quite a surprising addition, considering it's decent quality. Overall, the brushes are sturdy with no loose ferrule's or shedding as of yet. For £7.99, the set is fabulous value for money. I'd personally reserve it only for outings, long weekends or impulse holidays and leave it in my travel bag so I don't have to faff around on the last minute!

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