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If I were rich...

We’ve all been there – dreamed about winning the lottery or having some mysterious great aunt leave us a huge inheritance. But what if your dreams came true and you did actually stumble on a huge fortune? Here are some of our ideas on how to be creative with your new found lifestyle. 

Plan your escape

Naturally, the first thing anybody wants to do when they fall on good times is plan a holiday, so you can start acknowledging all those luxury travel agents you’ve previously shrugged off in the past. If you’re looking for somewhere hot and embarrassingly expensive, head to Dubai or Fiji where you can join the ranks of some of the richest oil tycoons in the world.

Spot your yacht

Showing off to your friends is part and parcel of being wealthy, so why not give your boating skills a try by purchasing a yacht? These beautiful boats remain as fashionable today as they did when George Michael was cruising along to Careless Whisper, with Simon Cowell being noted as a big fan. They’ve come a long way technology-wise, too – some including spas and swimming pools, so you’ll always feel like you’re in holiday with a yacht.

Sleep on it

If you’re willing to flash the cash, you’ll want somebody who knows what they’re talking about, right? This goes for everything from holidays to furniture, so make sure you’re getting good quality. www.bedstar.co.uk have been a luxury bed supplier for more than 100 years so you can have your pick of the traditional four poster, Shakespeare-esque beds, or go more modern with a TV bed to really wow your guests.

Look a million dollars

With your bank balance enjoying being at an all time high, you can now afford to invest in some of the finer things in life, including a new wardrobe. Designer clothing that was previously unavailable to you can now be at your fingertips, from Armani to Gucci. Why not make creating your new look especially fun by taking an inspired trip to Bloomingdales in New York, or Italy’s fashion capital, Milan?

Taste the difference

Being a little richer can have an overwhelming effect on your style and material belongings, but you can also change your tastes too. Why not sample some of those gourmet foods you’ve always been dying to try, from lobster to caviar and foie gras? The Ritz in London offers a huge range of menus to suit your individual tastes and timescales, and you can rest assured its service and class are second to none.

What would you do if you won a lottery or inherited a fortune? Always worth a thought!

*In collaboration with Olivia Prat. BUT the far-fetched scenario is definitely close to my heart. 

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Great post and tips, thanks for always sharing so much knowledge!

fullafizzy said...

oh i have given this much thought, some extravagances and some necessities :-)

- move into a penthouse apartment
- buy a modern car
- do the above for those in my immediate family who need it
- get a personal trainer
- invest in expensive organic skin care and skincare gadgets
- get a smartphone LOL

the list goes on, but i dont want to bore you :-)

Shifa Fijiwala said...

@fullafizzy - Wow! Haven't you got a list! :) Personal Trainer is on my wish-list too.




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