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BeautyLab Micropolish Dermabrasion

I love this product. It's like a modern hybrid between your typical creamy exfoliator and a glycolic acid peel. It's got the benefits of the regular exfoliator that brightens and lightens as well as that of an anti-ageing one that peels, rejuvenates and renews. Created to stimulate collagen production, it falls in the anti-ageing category but in my opinion, it's absolutely perfect for anyone who likes to invest in a quality exfoliator. One that doesn't scratch the skin, still feels traditional in a pot, yet effectively works at skin cell renewal. Named 'Dermabrasion', it immediately caught my eye as I'm fascinated by the procedure. Although it doesn't compare exactly to the thorough 45 minute treatment you'd get in a beauty salon, it's quite the kick-ass, quick fix you need at home. 

It applies fabulously on the skin and is one of those consistencies that you can look forward to apply in the day. Somehow it manages to hit the perfect texture of creaminess and exfoliant beads. It's neither too abrasive nor overtly gentle, just spot-on for normal-combination-mature skin types. After use, I personally feel my skin looks much more awake. It's my trusty pick-me-up for days when my skin looks grey, literally. It injects some healthy colour, stimulates blood circulation and sloughs off dead skin cells that my regular exfoliator couldn't quite handle. It's an investment priced at £45 but as I mentioned above, if you like to invest in good skincare, its definitely worth checking out. 





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