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Odylique Superfruit - For Extremely Dry Skin!

I'm a little sceptical when it comes to trying out face oils. Although I like their texture and consistency to bits my skin usually doesn't agree with me on that and displays it's anger via pesky little clusters of white heads the next morning. Thankfully, my skin isn't quite the types that bursts into angry red spots, so white heads are easy to deal with really. Coming back to this face serum, first of it's tinted believe it or not. May be it's due to the ingredients stuffed in but it leaves a golden glow, a slight tan on the face which although not extremely visible is surely not something I am only imagining. 

So me and my mum tried it out and it broke us out into tiny white heads the next morning, meaning it may just be a little too rich for our skin types which are oily-combination and normal-dry. We passed it on to the sister who at that time was struggling with her skin as it was literally falling apart. Extremely chapped and flaky with bouts of sensitivity which not even a generous layer of Vaseline or 8 hour cream could mend. Surprisingly enough, this came to her rescue. It not only calmed down the sensitivity but also got rid of chapped, flaky skin overnight and kept it like that with continous use. Also, it doesn't break her out at all and she has dry-sensitive skin.

It's 100% natural apparently made from fruit oils and works intensively at skin cell regeneration which may explain why it helped mend chapped, flaky skin. As new skin cells are produced, the upper layer of crusty, dead skin is sloughed off and a fresh layer is revealed. So although we are nearing towards the warmer months, if your skin needs a quick and intensive moisture boost or some help in the non abrasive exfoliation department, then this is your rescue remedy. 

Oh if you also like to use stuff like Pixi Glow Tonic and Alpha H Liquid Gold, this would fit in seamlessly in your radiant skin quest.


ShimzBeauty said...

Seems like we have similar skin as i tried this and just like yourself it broke me out :( i passed it on to a friend and worked wonders with them.

Great post. x





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