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Lush Let the good times roll Face & Body Cleanser

This product smells terrific! I am always this close to sticking my tongue in and having a taste. It's the most uniquely interesting cleaner that I've every come across. Instead of staying safely in the cleanser criteria, it rebelliously leaves a film of moisture on the skin after use, does not completely remove make-up and has a warming feeling when it touches the skin. After taking me a while to figure out it's rebellious genes, I got used to what to expect after a cleansing session and I have to say I'm loving it.

Quite a nice one to resort to on mornings when skin feels flaky, chapped. prune like and about to fall off. The last thing you want is to use a cooling, clay based cleanser that will only dry it out more. Delivering it's hydrating benefits just right, it's a great one for those with dry, normal, combination/dehydrated skin types. One should see it as a seasonal cleanser in the skincare wardrobe as it's definitely not something to use every single day, non stop. I only say that as it can be a little abrasive due to it's exfoliation qualities. I am yet to try it on the arms and legs but I can tell it would do a great job on getting those knees and elbows to look brighter. 

The texture of it is like cookie dough quite frankly (need to stop food references don't I?) and you only need a little amount to get the rich potion to spread across your face. This leads me to think that the jar will last absolutely ages, unless it goes bad or something as it's all natural ingredients. Although strictly not designed for oily, acne-prone or sensitive skin, it's a clever one for thirsty skin days. Oh and if I have made it sound extremely rich in texture, that's not the case as it hasn't broken me out weeks after use. 





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