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Looking for a Professional Wedding Photographer?

Amongst things like booking a venue, arranging catering, to sending out invites and selecting your perfect bridal dress, looking for a dream wedding photographer can also add up to these challenging wedding tasks. I have only helped out a friend once in sourcing a wedding photographer and because they were all over the place online and there wasn't really one portal where I could find them all, it was such a tediously messy task. As expected, we ended up with an amateur person who didn't quite deliver a sterling job as we expected. Till today, we as friends are moaning over how the pictures didn't turn out as well and can't believe that's become a memory that will stay for life.

Thankfully, an online portal namely Photographers 24/7 have made this task a whole lot easier. They have bought together tonnes of photographers and try to connect them to clients in need of them. I had go with the system myself and it's quite simply really. You request a quote stating some details like number of hours you require a photographer for, your location, budget, photography type and so on and in a matter of minutes, you'll start receiving quotes from photographers who have registered to the website and are interested in your job. As you have a chance to browse through the photographers portfolio and scan through their feedback on the website, it further helps in making the right choice.

Although I am suggesting you ladies check out the website for wedding photography quotes, the website flaunts of professional photographers from various different fields such as travel, fashion, product, commercial photography and so on in case you're ever in charge of arranging photographers as a part of your job at work. As for wedding photographers, the key is to build a good rapport with them and ensure you click as a team. They should understand your brief and you should be comfortable with their style of work, only then will you achieve desired results. I highly suggest picking up the phone and giving your potential photographer a call, just to make sure they are perfect for your task. Also keep in mind your photography location and ensure the photographer is local. Of course most may be willing to travel but it's convenient on both sides if the travel part is slashed out of the situation altogether.

What's fabulous is that the service is free and you won't be under an obligation to go forward with any of the quotes unless you're truly happy with them. You also won't have to give out contact details if you don't want to and can chat via the website's messaging board.

Oh and if you are a budding or established photographer and want to increase your chances of being noticed, gain more photography work with Photographers 24/7. Simply register on their website for a minimal fee, upload your work, slot in your details and voila, start receiving quote requests in no time. It's a win-win situation for all isn't it?




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