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Derma Roller - A Hair Loss Cure?

Hair loss can be a worrying issue for many - men and women alike - and seeing that millions are affected by hair loss, hair thinning, bald patches, receding hair line and Alopecia globally, it's always great to come across something that promises a cure. Derma Roller is one of them. 

The simple handheld device uses techniques similar to acupuncture to enhance skin's natural healing abilities. The rolling motion of the needles in the Derma Roller promote greater blood flow to the surface of the scalp. This in turn boosts the flow of nutrients to the hair follicles which has a direct effect on hair growth. 

Apparently, even collagen and elastin production in the scalp area is given a kick start, leading to the appearance of fresh new skin. All those miracle hair growth products that we invest in also tend to work better with derma roller as it increases absorption rate, giving you better value for money when it comes to hair growth serums. 

People who have tried Derma Roller, 2.0mm needle size or under with topical hair growth products have witness stabilised Alopecia over a period of time. A little research online will illustrate how some hair loss sufferers like to cause some bleeding on the forehead to see dramatic results but I wouldn't suggest that in any way. 

More frequent derma roller sessions, with a moderate needle size and bearable pressure is more than enough to show hair growth on bald patches over a period of weeks. Like anything else, consistency is the key and not giving up is essential. Derma Roller sessions can be carried out at a professional clinic but for at-home use, needle size of 2.0mm and below is FDA approved. 

Have you tried Derma Roller for hair loss? Would love to know your thoughts! 




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