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Swarovski Crystal Tattoos & Body Jewellery by Bling Art

Temporary crystal tattoos never really went of style did they? I mean of course they evolved in the sense they last longer, combine seamlessly with your skin and appear almost three dimensional in a chic way. Tattoo stickers are great for those who like simplistic body art but if you want an instant glamour upgrade to your look, a little bit of shimmer and sparkle is the way to go. I personally would love to flaunt it for a night out. If you are like me and don't like flashy outfits, bright colours and loud patterns for evening wear, a hint of swarovski crystal tattoos peeking mysteriously from the side of the neck is the perfect way to incorporate some bling in your otherwise subtle outfit.

Now that the festival season is almost upon us , soon we'll see short shorts and crop tops being the staple outfit of choice for most Londoners. Ladies, it's time we can have our cake and eat it too with mature, feminine designs that are not permanent or designed for kids. With so much skin on show, it's the perfect opportunity to dress it up with some bespoke swarovski crystal tattoos or if you're feeling more adventurous, swarovski crystal body jewellery. The latter comes in more exquisite, never seen before designs and has an almost unbelievably beautiful 3D finish. Perfect to accompany your boho chic, grunge look at the festival. Sport them around the belly button or at the back of the thighs for a playful, carefree look.

Spring/Summer has so much more to offer than just sunshine and festivals – the wedding season of course! A hot favourite couple of months for bride and groom to be's, it's also the perfect opportunity to don some intricate and elegant swarovski crystal tattoos or swarovski crystal body jewellery. A delicate blue butterfly pattern with a handful of crystals thrown in will look oh-so-delicate and adorable, whether you're a bridesmaid or the bride to be. If the black outline of crystal tattoos is a bit harsh for your wedding day, opt for some body jewellery and wear it instead of your necklace or headpiece. I feel wedding's are the perfect occasion to flaunt something interesting and trend setting as it can get a little boring and repetitive when it comes to gowns and jewellery.

What I found super interesting about swarovski crystal body jewellery is that it can be applied to items of clothing just as easily as it can be stuck to the skin. So if there is a plain wedding gown or an evening outfit or just some hipster shorts that you want to give a personal touch too, these are quite the trend setter's I must say. Oh and if you're worried that it may look slightly kiddish or over the top, worry not as these crystal tattoos are engrained with high quality swarovski crystals that give them a unique depth and dimension.

Over the last few months it has been global fashion week held in various capitals around the world, if memory serves me correctly I am sure fashion designers have used swarovski crystals on models to accentuate their look. Especially when modelling sheer fabrics and to give the outfit a mysteriously glamorous touch. Also a top favourite with A-list celebrities, crystal tattoos have often made an appearance on the red carpet mainly through sleek and simplistic backless ensembles.

So tell me – are you into body jewellery, crystal tattoos and other such temporary fashion accessories? I personally like the fact that these last only for a good few days as that way there's minimum commitment involved. Not a bling babe myself, I am keen on giving these swarovski crystal tattoos a try come Spring/Summer. Flashing them slightly through sheer tops and backless maxis will be right up my street!

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