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Spring Clean Your Wardrobe: The do's and dont's

As March has greeted us, it's time to get in the mood for some Spring/Summer fashion. The first step for it is quite obviously a good old Spring Clean! Whether it's recycling, donating, storing, restyling, layering or declutttering purposes you're planning to achieve, below are some unwritten rules to abide by for a successful session of wardrobe detox. 

If you haven't worn something for 1 year straight, it's time for it to leave the wardrobe. Certain seasonal prints, textures and colours can easily go out of trend and make you look 'last season' almost instantly. If you're a fashionista, that's the last thing you want so make sure to those outdated prints, textures and colours are replaced by newer offerings. Think neon, pastels, sports luxe, monochrome, metallic and pleats. 

If it's not the right size, it's time for that college tshirt top to now leave the wardrobe. Impulse purchases or sentimental presents that simply never have been worn outside the house also need to be given a new home. Be ruthless and don't let that guilt creep up. It's a much sensible idea to fill up the wardrobe with outfits you'll actually wear rather than one's that will only store dust. The easiest way to tell  what your personal style is to pick out five outfits from the wardrobe and gauge if there's some sort of a pattern going. If yes, then that's what you need to invest in more.

Spring cleaning also includes accessories ladies in the likes of scarves, jewellery and handbags. There's simply no point hoarding up trinkets when you personally like a minimalistic style and leave home sans jewellery every single day. Instead, invest in a chic designer watch or subtle studs that you can easily thrown on everyday without thought. Leather handbags are always a great option to have as they can easily fit into the 'to-keep' pile due to their versatility and classic nature. You can hardly ever tell if a good quality leather handbag is worn out and even if it is, vintage is back in fashion! If you still want to look more SS14, opt for an undersized, pastel or neon leather handbag to channel your inner fashion maven. 

There's tonnes of charities you can choose from to donate your good condition fashion belongings. Trust me, it will definitely make you feel good donating for a good cause and of course give you a reason to treat yourself with newer wardrobe pieces. Ask friends and family if they're ready to take some stuff off your hands as something you don't like might just be someone else's treasure! Unflattering and tight clothing is a big no-no in any season, so make sure those are the first ones to leave your valuable cupboard space. 




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