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Kiehl's Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream

You know when anti-ageing moisturisers are only designed for dehydrated, extremely dry skin - it irritates me. It's absolutely ridiculous to assume that as we grow older, fine lines and wrinkles will only accompanied with dry, moisture-free skin. How about taking into consideration those with oily-combination skin who will also be prone to old age you see? 

Hence when I came across Kiehl's newest launch that promised to shrink pores and work just as well on oily-combination skin, I was impressed. If you're naturally a grease ball like me just a few minutes after cleansing, then the last thing you want is to slap on an oil slick moisturiser. Thankfully, this does it's anti-ageing jazz whilst keeping skin nice and moist but not overtly oily. 

Give it a few minutes and there's no unwanted shine on the face at all, just a nice velvety smoothness. Now I have only used it for a few weeks to see any dramatic age zapping benefits but so far, it has done a good job at softening the crows feet and fine lines I have around the eye area. It leaves skin toned and firm and if you're older, I can definitely see it helping to tighten those saggy contours. 

Personally, due to it's fast absorbing texture, it's great to use before make-up application but if you really want to see results, I'd suggest reserving it as a night time treatment. 

I've seen this being promoted from every beauty box subscription to shopping mall billboards, so if you have managed to escape it's hype, here's me telling you that you needn't because it's quite fabulous. Give it a whirl and if you've missed that Mother's Day present, this wouldn't break the bank at £32. Wrap it up nicely will ya?





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