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Holiday Fashion Accessories - The Essential Edit

It's that time of year when millions are looking forward to their summer holidays and the chance to let their hair down and have fun in the sun. Pulling the important bits together takes no time; passport, flight and accommodation vouchers etc. it's what is going the case that takes the time. There are 5 basic fashion staples which have to be taken on holiday and those who want to arrive at their destination packing the very latest trends here are our tips for getting it right this summer.


The retro appeal of the Instagram shades, inspired by the social media site, are this years must have eye wear for the sun. Tinted lenses to give the wearer a pink, gold or any other coloured view of the world are the way to go this summer. Forget plain black or mirrors, they are so last year dahling.

Hand Bags

There are two leather handbag styles currently trending which are said to be a must when going on holiday in 2014; the tote and the messenger. The tote is a long term favourite whose capacious interior and classy exterior lends itself to any summer occasion, be it shopping or a day at the beach or a fashionable night out exploring the city's night life. The messenger leather handbag has come back in thanks to the ever increasing popularity in man bags and undersized handbags. They are also a lot safer and convenient for carrying your possessions around in when in busy markets etc in foreign countries where pick pocketing is rife. Nonetheless, you don't need to compromise 


After last years penchant for the shortest shorts you could find, the surprise this year is that we are welcoming back the Bermuda's. Now those who have never stopped wearing these longer, baggy shorts
will be delighted they have stuck with them long enough for them to come right back in vogue. They are undoubtedly comfortable and the shops are full of such a great choice of colours and designs you will find a pair or two that you fall in love with.

Flip flops

Ahh the humble flip flop, where would we be without them? In fairness there is little can be done to change the basic silhouette of a flip flop but if you are wanting to show your tanned tootsies off in the very latest style then you want a pair with a thick sole and lots of spots. White spots on a dark coloured background across the sole with the strap matching the main colour are these years big flip flop trend. Granted you don't see many of the spots when your foot is in them but think how cute they look beside you when you are lying by the pool or on the beach. Bejewelled flip flops are also huge this year thanks to the sports luxe trend. 

Jackets/cover ups

If you are worrying what to take along as a light jacket or cover up then don't, the word is you can't go wrong this year, unless you turn up on the beach wearing a parka of course. Light, crinkle cotton tops are still popular, as is the leather pastel jacket and ruana wraps. If in doubt have a look at what is being worn by the locals when you get there, then head off to a market and get yourself one that is probably way cheaper than you would have paid at home.

Whatever you decide to take on with you, remember it's all about having a good time and coming home with new memories. Although looking fashionable whilst doing that won't hurt, hah!




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