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Beauty Lab Relax Neuropeptide Serum

Face Serums come and go but here's one for you that me and my mum have been digging lately. Trial and error includes us testing quite a few of these out there, in an attempt to completely zap mum's fine lines and give her a mini face lift without going to the doctors. As for me, if it helps with the pesky crows feet and lines around the eyes, I'm sold. 

I wasn't the best at science at school and nothing has changed now but what I understand is that it contains a tonne of antioxidants and peptides to strengthen the structure of skin and prevent it from sagging and wrinkling as much. These ingredients also kick start the sluggish collagen and elastin production going on in your skin and make it work like it used to in your teens. 

Also containing the added Vitamin E and Hyaluron, which I believe is our most loved, moisture boosting, Hyaluronic acid - it simply cannot be faulted in the plump and radiant skin department. The serum is actually a light lotion like consistency and immediately coats the skin in a veil of lustre and hydration. It then begins it's tightening and firming actions, results of which can be seen overnight. 

Don't expect magical, drastic results in a week but if you use it for a good few months, it seriously works wonders at retexturising dry, dehydrated, dull skin that suffers from a few more wrinkles and fine lines than what you'd be comfortable with. 





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