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Avon Mega Effects Mascara

I know the blogosphere is currently on the fence regarding this novelty lash offering but for me, it does the trick pretty well. I have long lashes anyway so all I want a Mascara to do is to curl them, hold the lift and coat them in a veil of carbon glossiness. Avon's Mega Effects did that spot on! 

It has fibre like strands in the formula that help build up fine lashes for visibly dramatic volume. A coat or two and you really will feel like ditching those falsies. I also found the dangerous looking mascara brush to work particularly well on short, spiky lashes. It's much more easier to grab every single one with the brush and lift them at the same time. 

It has great longevity on me and doesn't tend to flake or smudge. Just one problem with is the excess amount of mascara that scoops out every time you jiggle the brush through it's container. This can create unnecessary mess, printing on the eye lids and a not so glamorous clumping effect. 

For precise application and for the brush and the formula to actually show dramatic results, just take off the excess prior to using it each time and you'll do yourself a great favour. Oh and the mascara is a jet black for those who suffer from pale black lashes like mine. 

I'd suggest trying it out for it's novelty brush and if you have short, spiky, fine lashes. You need to get used to manoeuvring the brush as it can get too close to the lashline. 

writtenbyjesss said...

Wow i have not heard of this --- now I want to go get it asap and give it a try. Def something different. Thanks for the review :)




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