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AloeClear - The Modern Solution For Ingrown Hair

I have worked in a salon (in the Marketing department of course!) and am aware of the fact that waxing, temporary hair removal and permanent hair removal can not only be painful at the minute but can leave that uncomfortable feeling skin for minutes or hours after the treatment, depending on how often you get them done and how sensitive your skin is. Of course ice works quite well at providing immediate relief but if you are looking for a modern solution that you can incorporate as a lifestyle or that salons should highly invest in is Aloe Clear

It's a British brand and specialises in products that treat ingrown hair discomfort, sooth irritated skin, calm down redness and overall tackle that prickly, sore feeling associated with regular hair removal. Hair removal is a necessity, ingrown hair is an event that immediately follows. It's a consequence of the hair growth cycle that we simply cannot avoid. But instead of resorting to the bog standard ice remedy, Aloe Clear contains Aloe Vera, Mentha Peperita, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, fruit acids and skin conditioners which can work in an effective and quick manner to combat itchiness and irritation. 

They keep the area of the hair follicle free of any debris, preventing it from clogging and causing further discomfort. Skin is kept intensely moisturised and any dead skin cells on the surface of the skin are exfoliated away to reveal fresher, younger looking skin. Aloeclear is available in 3 sizes of roll on, 10, 60 and 120 ml. Meaning they have sizes ranging from a 10ml trial size to a 60 ml (that you can take on an aeroplane in hand luggage) and the full size 120 ml for larger areas of treatment. They are all travel friendly really, making them an ingenious item of vanity for weekends away from home, post-workout at the gym, festivals and summer holidays abroad of course! 

I quite like how their formula's are quick drying so no more wait before you can thrown on some clothes and continue with your usual daily activities. Also the fact they are marketed as unisex makes me love the brand more as I cannot stand  the stark 'for him' and 'for her' distinction especially when it comes to skincare and hair removal. Enough of that already, it's 2014 so lets cobble together what we have for both genders and present them as one unanimous set of products. 

So if you have thick or dense hair, a faster hair growth cycle, sensitive skin or are prone to excessive shaving and waxing, these are after-care staples that you'll swear by. Especially come Spring/Summer, permanent hair removal procedures such as Laser and IPL will shoot amongst consumers to avoid all the unnecessary sweating and hair on show in skimpy, airy clothing. To tackle the after effects such as stinging, burning, itching, redness, soreness, dryness or discomfort, Aloe Clear should act as a veil of protection and comfort on the skin. 




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