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Tang Tracker - How safe is your child online in this 'smart' era?

Online safety for children is a huge issue nowadays considering the number of teenagers involved in attacks, bullying, sexting and pornography. Imagine something as simple as typing in a keyword in the Tang Tracker App and getting precise updates from your childs phone on related text messages and online activity. It shouldn't be seen as invasion of privacy but rather a security measure for those vulnerable. Instead of being sorry for scenarios that may happen later, wouldn't it be rather wise to anticipate the nature of things and have a much needed 'talk' with your child?

Teenagers in particular very easily fall into the trap of joining 'cool' groups at school and trying extremely hard to fit it. This can result in certain friends sending them links to pornography or perhaps indulging them in a little bit of sexting. Now there's nothing wrong with both and I'm no one to judge however, it's not age appropriate for children and teenagers to be exposed to such material at an early age when their mind isn't equipped to make a sensible judgement.

Even worse, imagine if your 10 year old child meets with a stranger online, mostly through chat messaging portals or Facebook, gives them their number and starts having a conversation. This can lead to a series of unwanted stuff in your childs life that you'd rather want to prevent from knowing, let alone happening. Also, don't expect your child to come to you with these issues as they surely will not give you a heads up when chatting with a stranger online. Tang Tracker can act as a discreet surveillance system in this situation and alert you when your child is about to fall in a messy situation. Heck even Justin Bieber falls into neighbourhood harassing situations at 19!

Of course you'd expect in this day and age for  broadband providers to filter content such as pornography but instead most of the times they leave it on the families to restrict such material, technological know how for which they do not possess. With 25% of young people between 6 to 12 believing that it's absolutely fine to share information online such as their personal details, passwords and images and around 36% of parents not monitoring children's activity online or on mobile phones, Tang Tracker can be an uncomplicated, fuss free option for parents to rely on.

Open communication between parents and children about socialising online, meeting strangers and their thoughts on sharing images should be discussed. Children need to be explained the consequences of these in the most non intimidating way possible. With the news section on children's safety on tablets, computers being jam packed every single day, Tang Tracker can be a starting point to establish a relationship of mutual trust between children and parents. They should know you're not spying on them but rather helping them stay out of sticky, troublesome situations.

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