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La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo Plus +

Not that I had any problem with the cult favourite Effaclar Duo Plus but La Roche Posay believed they could make it better. Instead of calling this a better version, I'd say this is designed for slightly more different type of skin. It's geared more towards calming down redness and preventing blemishes from leaving scars after they have subsided.

Also, this is packed with a handful more of hydrating elements that can hold on better to moisture in the skin, making this more suitable for those with combination-dry-dehydrated skin. This way, I can get away with using this as a moisturiser at times without having to nourish and hydrate certain areas of the face. Just eye cream and some lip nourishing and voila, I'm done!

The texture and consistency of the product is exactly the same as before but if you'd had complaints of the original version drying out your skin, then this deserves a try. I've been using it for a good few weeks now and so far it's working really well for my skin. After cutting down on carbs for a week or two, I fell into a slack period where I only ate carbs for a week and that wrecked havoc on my skin.

This is slowly but surely resolving that issue for me. I like how you can trustfully rely on this product for actually revamping problematic skin. No keeping your fingers crossed and all that jazz! Now I don't suffer from redness at all so I cannot comment on that aspect but from what I've read, it works well at that too.

On the whole, you don't need to add this version to your skincare regime if you're happy with the original one. But if you felt the latter lacked in certain aspects for you, then surely give this a go. I personally don't mind either! Although I'd stick to this as I do get dehydrated skin quite a bit and this seems to help with that whilst battling blemishes.


Alphonsine said...

I've been using this for a couple of months now, together with a few other products, and it has been very good to my skin. Also, it works pretty well with my La Roche Posay foundaition - usually, it's hard for me to work it in, but together, the Effaclar Duo makes a great base.

Ruqaiya Khan said...

I had been thinking about adding this to my regimen...Thanks for the review :)




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