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Derma Roller Review

Not sure if you have heard about this device but Derma Roller is similar to laser skin treatments and skin peeling but with much fewer, almost non existent side effects. Just like how a hand held, rolling facial massager is now back in trend, so is a Derma Roller to take the mission of getting skin in tip-top condition in your own hands. No more Dermatologist, (although going to one if you have severe skin concerns is recommended) or expensive skin resurfacing treatments. 

A Derma Roller works on the simple mechanism of rolling the device to and fro on the skin. This in turn causes skin to think that it has been injured, due to the pricking sensation and the minor 'trauma' to skin that it causes that we cannot see. To make up for that, healthy skin cells from around the area start working harder to recover that 'traumatic' skin. What this means is increased collagen production which can reduce with age, better elasticity and better skin cell regeneration. 

If you are younger, Derma Roller helps with fading out stretch marks, acne scars, blemish marks and if you have mature skin, I found Derma Roller helped with sagging skin, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots and hyperpigmentation. My mum has been giving this a whirl as a part of her obsessed anti-ageing skincare routine and likes how it works in combination with a high retinoid and hyaluronic acid products. 

Of course the Derma Roller contains needles that are suitable for rolling on the skin but nonetheless will feel uncomfortable depending on your pain threshold. I've been told, you can't feel it on plump areas of the face such as the cheeks but slightly more on bony areas such as the forehead. My mum also suffers from two hyperpigmentation spots on both of her cheeks and reports a subtle decrease in darkness after using it occasionally for 3 months. Not bad eh? 

So to sum up my ramble for you, a Derma Roller works for:

  • Fading Stretch Marks
  • Fading Acne/Blemish Scars
  • Promoting Hair Growth (yes it's suitable for use on the scalp)
  • Deep Exfoliation
  • Softening Hyper Pigmentation
  • Reinstating Skin Elasticity
  • Blurring out Fine Lines/Wrinkles
  • Resurfacing Skin Texture

As for the brand, it is important not to compromise with low quality needles but it doesn't have to be really expensive either. You can get decent ones around the £30 mark. Start off with 0.25mm or 0.5mm needle size. Any thing above that will work better but I've heard it's more suitable to opt for a derma roller session at a clinic with a professional if you want to use a needle size higher than that.

My mum got her's from here: http://bit.ly/1cU9dCB

Alan Abraham said...

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Anonymous said...

Would you recomend La roche effaclar h with the dermaroll?

Anonymous said...

can i use la roche effaclar h with dermaroll ?

Shifa Fijiwala said...

@Jeanette - Sure! It would work wonders :)




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