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Thalgo Exotic Island Body Scrub

Ooh I love this baby! You know what I like to call it? Holiday in a jar!

Now now, I haven't been to an exotic island as of yet but this surely reminds me of one a bit too much. What might help in recreating that image in my mind is the inclusion of Bora Bora Sand, Sea Salt and Coconut Shell in this delicious concoction! First off, it smells absolutely divine. Comforting, delicious and fresh. Perfect for a January pick-me-up and to give one hope that Spring/Summer isn't too far away.

Secondly, the bizarre looking mixture in the name of an exfoliator actually works pretty well at buffing and polishing that previously coat clad skin from Winter last year. If you're planning to show skin and regular exfoliators don't seem to actually slough off those dead skin cells, you need to try this as it actually makes skin look and feel brand new, however cliched that sounds.

I can see this being a regular tanner's favourite to get that golden glow spreading out seamlessly on areas such as elbows and knees.

I personally wouldn't use it every time I shower as I feel it intensely exfoliates and skin doesn't need that so regularly. Secondly, it's a little dear at £34.20 a pop so I'd rather reserve it as a special, once in a blue moon treat.

Having said that, it still resides in my shower hah! It's just too adorable to take it off there. You don't actually get any residue from the sand and coconut shells by the way. They just act as potent exfoliants. The oily base it's all immersed in also gives it that hydrating kick.





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